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Kamasutra app review: comprehensive pocket sex positions guide 2021



Couples need to be on the lookout for new ways of spicing up their sex life. Tuscan Concepts Inc, has come up with an amazing iPhone kamasutra app simply titled Kamasutra.

The best kamasutra apps for the iPhone and iPad

This kamasutra app is tailored to provide users with comprehensive sex guide positions. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone and does not affect functionalism of both devices in any way.

Is this one of the best kamasutra apps for iPhone and iPad users? Keep reading our Kamasutra app review to find out. 

Kamasutra Sex Positions Guide


How to Use This Pocket Sex Guide

Kamasutra is one of the most respected and renowned sex manuals in the world. Couples no longer have to purchase magazines and books to spice up their love life. It covers tried and tested techniques that you can use to enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure.

The best romantic apps for iPad

Currently, it has hundreds of tested and proven positions and styles that have the capacity to ensure that your partner enjoys every penetration. More importantly, it offers a lusty sex game that you can play to get into the mood and arouse your inner desires.

You do not have to stick the predefined styles; it is possible to add a new position to help other users to improve their marriages or relationships.

To get maximum utility from this app, it is recommendable to try out a new position or style per day to learn a new passion pose. One of the key highlights about this app is that it offers sex positions for virtually all sex moods.

Did you know that sex promotes your overall health and wellbeing? Put your skills to the test by trying out the advanced sex positions to stay healthy and fit.

If you love having sex in the morning, you are in luck as there is a full category packed with positions that you can use to start your day at a high note. 

How to Use This Pocket Sex Guide image

Best Features of Kamasutra App

To save you time, the sexual positions are grouped in different categories namely rear entry, oral, exotic, 69 and she on top. You just have to tab any of the categories to access unlimited sex positions and styles.

The best romantic apps for iPhone

Unlike other apps that just offer theoretical information, this one has alluring illustrations that are supported by clear instructions from experts.

You can also spicy up your game by just shaking your iPad or iPhone to get a random new position. This is in fact one of the best ways of spicing up your love life as your partner will have no clue on what you want to do.

To get your spouse on the mood while away, just send some of the intriguing pictures via email address. Be sure to type the correct email address to avoid compromising your privacy. 

Best Features of Kamasutra App image

Kamasutra Sex Positions Guide


Pros and Cons


  • Great sex positions
  • Intriguing high definition images to get you into the mood
  • Ability to share some of the pictures with your spouse via email
  • Expert illustrations and descriptions for each position
  • Does not require internet especially if you do not need plan to use email-sharing feature


  • Parents who have kids in the house need to store the app in discreet location that kids cannot access

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Kamasutra app is the ultimate pocket sex guide that you can use to revitalize your marriage. There are countless positions hence find one that suits your needs will not be a problem.  

Kamasutra Sex Positions Guide

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