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Saxophone Flash Cards (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) app review: learn to read musical notes professionally



One of the skills that you need to prove you are a professional musician is reading saxophone notes. Some music schools that offer special courses tailored to quick students with this skill. Unfortunately, most of the courses are expensive and time consuming. Christian Liang has come up with a smart app, Saxophone Flash cards; that is tailored to make the learning process much easier for you. It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

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Saxophone Flash Cards


What to Expect from Saxophone Flash Cards

For a long time flashcards have been used as learning aids that help users to grasp the various notes. The developer uses the same strategy by incorporating a number of flashcards that are tailored to hone Saxophonists players with note reading skills. By using this app, you will be able to read all the different music style notes in the world in less than a month or so.

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One of the benefits of using flash cards is that they create a vivid mental picture that will help you memorize and fully understand the notes. In fact, once you get acquainted, you will not need to use flash cards as you will be able to identify the notes automatically. This will go a long way in not only helping your develop new Saxophone skills but also establish yourself as a professional musician when attending conferences and other social events. 

Best Features of Saxophone Flash Cards

One of the most noticeable features about this app is the design of the flash cards that it uses. The front side clearly displays the music staff while the backside displays the name of the note as well as the valves that you should press when playing saxophone.

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To make the learning process more convenient, each note has a unique audio code that will help you to understand and comprehend the various pitches. It is recommendable to ready at least five cards per day to improve your audio recognition and sight note reading skills.

As you progress, test your skills by shuffling the cards. All you have to do is tap the “shuffle” icon at the lower section of the interface. It is also possible to increase sound volume of the audio by just clicking the “sound tab.”

As mentioned earlier, you can choose the kind of flash cards that you want the app to display depending on the style of music that you want to must. Currently, this app supports Alto, Tenor, Soprano, and Bass. 

Saxophone Flash Cards


Pros and Cons


  • Standard card design that makes it very easy to understand the notes
  • Great user interface
  • High quality audio reference for each note
  • Ability to flip and shuffle the card when testing your skills


  • One of the major cons of using the app is that it only supports Saxophone notes

Final Thoughts

Saxophone Flashcards is an exceptional musical application that you can count on to improve your note reading skills. It is very easy to use and offer exciting learning experience that is hard to find in any other app in the world today. 


Saxophone Flash Cards

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