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Baby Sign Language Dictionary ASL Edition app review: offering a fun way to learn sign language for babies 2021



Baby Sign Language Dictionary ASL Edition is a unique iPhone sign language app that offers video tutorials of simple signs for babies.

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This sign language app is an ideal tool for parents who want to learn baby sign language. Developed by Baby Sign and Learn, this application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

For more details on this good sign language app for iPhone and iPad users, keep reading our Baby Sign Language Dictionary ASL Edition app review below.

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL


Quickly Learn Sign Language for Babies

Did you know that babies have a lot to say even before they can talk? Unfortunately, they can’t express themselves in a language that adults will understand. If you want to know what your child has to say, then you should teach her the basics of American Sign Language for babies.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for the deaf and hearing impaired

The good news is you can now easily learn how to use ASL for babies with the help of Baby Sign Language Dictionary. This application will teach you the basics of baby sign language through fun and enjoyable video presentations. You can then teach your baby how to sign so that the two of you can communicate with each other.

Baby Sign Language Dictionary allows you to quickly learn American Sign Language through a step by step learning method. By using videos as educational tools, you will be able to learn baby signs in no time.

Quickly Learn Sign Language for Babies image

Features of Baby Sign Language Dictionary

This application offers 340 signs that are appropriate for small babies. Each word has been selected to match the everyday routine of your child. It also contains more than one hour of videos that demonstrate each sign language for you.

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All signs that are presented in this app are based on standard American Sign Language. The signs are chosen by experts and presented in a step by step format so you can easily understand them.

The video tutorials offer as many details as possible. The presenter will teach you how to sign with the help of visual cues and detailed instructions. Tips are also provided so you can easily remember each sign. Most important of all, the videos will give you some recommendations on how to teach the signs to your child.

The app’s interface follows the familiar layout of a digital dictionary. There are main categories that cover sign language lessons for action words, emotions, animals and objects, nature, and the usual daily routines of babies. Signs are alphabetically arranged for easier reference.

Baby Sign Language Dictionary offers an interactive quiz section to test your proficiency in using and understanding ASL for babies. In the quiz, the video presenter will demonstrate a sign and you have to select a correct answer from a set of given choices.

And lastly, this application allows you to mark any sign as your favorite. Your favorite signs will be saved in the app for easier reference and for review purposes. 

Features of Baby Sign Language Dictionary image

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL


Pros & Cons


  • High quality video tutorials
  • Visual cues and memorization tips
  • Interactive quizzes to test your signing skills
  • With optional settings for simple demonstration
  • Works offline
  • Simple layout and easy navigation


  • No negative review for this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Baby Sign Language Dictionary offers the easiest and most convenient way to learn ASL for babies. It is a fun and educational app that will help you communicate with your child through simple signs.

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL

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