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Eye Workout app review: strengthen your eye muscles to help your ailments-2020



The Eye Workout app helps you restore your eyesight or warm up your eyes before a computer or book reading session. The idea behind this eye strengthening app relies on a 100 year old theory of William Bates who said that vision mainly depends on the operation of the oculomotor muscles (longitudinal and transverse).

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He also said that vision problems stem from impaired function of the eye muscles, or from strain/overuse of the eyes. Therefore, the use of corrective lenses causes our eye muscles to work less and naturally, will weaken the eye muscles over time. To compensate for this, we can exercise these muscles with this eye exercise app.

If you have read this far, then check out more details on this eye exercise app for iPhone and iPad to see if it will work for you.

Eye Workout


Ease Eye Strain

Eye Workout will help your eyes to adjust by strengthening the muscles. When you concentrate on something important, your eye muscles are strained. As you continue to strain your eyes, your vision starts to blur, eyes ache, and you begin to tire.

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When you put on glasses, your eye muscles stop working. Alternatively, you can do daily exercises to strengthen your ocular muscles so that you no longer need glasses.

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and strabismus are all results of eye muscle weakness and/or imbalance. Two centuries ago, eye exercises would help individuals to see better, and one hundred years ago an American scientist named William Bates revised the theory of eye operation to show that all problems are linked to the state of eye muscles.

Today, however, individuals are prescribed glasses or laser surgery. Some are also prescribed to use contact lens from This app uses these theories to strengthen the muscles to improve vision.

Ease Eye Strain image

Try it Out

Why not give Eye Workout a try so that you can toss your glasses aside? These apps intrigue me as I have a very small prescription for my glasses. I’m going to be continuing to use the app to try to go glasses free, but there aren’t any reviews stating that individuals cured their eye aliments.

The exercises are fairly simple. The first one simply teaches you how to reset your eyes by palming them, which causes relaxation. There are informative sections on each exercise to help you know why, and there are also reminders to keep you practicing.

The exercises only take a few seconds to a couple minutes, so it is very quick and then you’re that much closer to glasses free life.

Try it Out image

Eye Workout


Pros & Cons


  • $5.79 is a lot less than a pair of glasses
  • Easy to do, and will ease eye strain if it doesn’t get you glasses free
  • Lots of explanatory information to help you understand why
  • Immediately teaches you how to calm your eyes so that when you reach strain you can ease the pain


  • Makes claims that indicate you can get rid of your glasses which is a high order

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Eye Workout is an iPhone and iPad app that helps you to strengthen your eye muscles which will aid in less eye strain, less pain, and less tiredness. The app claims that with diligent practice you may be able to get rid of your glasses, and I will be using the app in hopes of this as I have a small prescription.

If I am able to get rid of my glasses, I’ll come back and make note of it. In the meantime, the app is easy to use, and straightforward, so overall, it appears well-designed and well-researched.

Eye Workout

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