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Letterswirl app review: an unexpected word game



For many people word games are their game of choice but with that said it can get pretty dull playing the same games over and over. The Letterswirl app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides players with a rather unexpected to the classic word game format. This game takes place in a rather cool environment, an atmosphere that is filled with stars. The game gives you a variety of game modes including two-player mode and an offline option so you’ve got lots of variety here.

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A Game That Stands Out

The Letterswirl app is one that really stands out thanks to its rather cool circular gameplay. Not only is it unique but it's also challenging and fun. You've got the option of playing offline multiplayer mode where you will square off against your opponent on the same device, there is single player mode where you have the opportunity to share your letter circles on Twitter, Facebook, and by email as well as work your way up the Leaderboards, and lastly there is online turn-based multiplayer where you can square off against players from around the world thanks to the Game Center.

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This is a brand new release so there are no updates or customer comments at this time. With that said it does have a perfect five star customer rating, so clearly this offering seems to be hitting the mark in a big way. If you’re interested in downloading the game now is the perfect time as it’s being offered for 50% off for a limited time only as a “launch sale”.

Create a ring of words without any gaps
Create a ring of words without any gaps

Challenge Your Mind

A great place to start with the Letterswirl app is with the tutorial, which can be accessed from the main menu. This is a quick and simple way to get acquainted with the rules and the controls, which you’ll find are both easy to understand. The way the game works is that each of the players if given a circle of letters, these are random letters. Your goal is to make a ring of words that doesn’t have gaps between them. You aren’t going to be able to do this right away, it’s a slow and challenging process where you will be replacing one letter at a time on your turn. The app uses drag and drop functionality so that it’s smooth and simple.

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The user interface is modern and the background sounds/music reflects the very cool and serene vibe of the app.

Choose from a few different game modes
Choose from a few different game modes



Pros and Cons


  • There are a variety of game modes
  • The game proves to be challenging and unique
  • The user interface is minimal and clean
  • There is an offline game mode available
  • The app supports the Game Center and Leaderboards


  • This one can be quite difficult to master
  • The sale price is valid for a limited time only

Letterswirl screenshot
Letterswirl screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Letterswirl app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a rather cosmic twist on word games. This one feels unique and challenging something that players are always on the look out for.


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