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Arise app review: the best alarm clock with the wake-up fairy



Arise - The Best Alarm Clock is an iPhone and iPad alarm app with the wake up fairy. It has several options and also a video clip option that’s quite funny.

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Arise Clock


Rise and Shine!

Arise - The Best Alarm Clock has several sound options for the alarm. Under floating alarm profile, you can set the profile to whichever day you need to awake to. I have selected Wake-Up Fairy because that’s the main point of the app. I also set the volume to 100%. If you choose, you can set your snooze to a different spacing, but I like the 10-minute option myself. It’s just enough time to wake up, but if I accidentally doze off then I’m not going to be late. The app also has the added bonus of snoozing up to 60 minutes as in hitting snooze six times, but then it won’t give you the snooze option any more. If you like a vibrate option, are hearing impaired, or just want to keep you alarm from waking others, then this is handy.

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The profiles are handy because it enables you to set various alarms throughout the day. In my built-in clock, I have many, many alarms set. I have my wake, get coats for school, get ready to get the kids from school, from daycare, and more. With the various profiles you can set various alarms with sounds and actions to keep you on time, and ready to go.

The Wake-Up Fairy

Arise - The Best Alarm Clock has a fun clip of a wake-up fairy. She wakes you, and if you don’t hit the off or snooze fast enough, she starts to taunt you. Begging you to wake up, to get going, come on! It’s quite entertaining to listen to her, but at the same time morning after morning she may get annoying quickly. I love my alarm clock ring, but this past week I’ve started getting tired of it, finally, after almost four years.

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The alarm clock has many different setting options. There is a separate section for sleep mode, and a fall asleep to sound menu. Rain forest, harbor with foghorns, robin springtime wales, gurgling brook, waves - close, waves - surf, waves - smooth surf, water garden, New York street, traffic on wet pavement, and thunderstorm. I found the traffic on wet pavement particularly calming.

Arise Clock


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun wake-up fairy
  • Lots of profile options
  • Vibrate for hearing impaired or those co-sleeping
  • Sooth to sleep options
  • Lots of settings


  • Every sound gets annoying, and the cheery fairy may get annoying more quickly, but there are many other sounds

Final Thoughts

Arise - The Best Alarm Clock is an iPhone and iPad app that has lots of great wake-up options including a cute fairy. It has a vibrate option for cosleeping people or those hard of hearing. I also like that there is a white noise section to help you drift off to sleep. Overall, the app has lots to offer, and if you’re looking for something more than what you can get from the built-in then this is a good option to explore.


Arise Clock

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