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PaigeeWorld - Manga Anime, How to Draw Sketch Color & Share, Community for Artists app review: explore your inner fanboy



If you consider yourself to be an aspiring artist and you are a fan of the Manga style of comics, then PaigeeWorld is definitely for you. This app gives you access to a whole new world. It’s social media meets Manga comic artist fanboy. Yes that is a mouthful! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this app is probably not for you! The app, which is featured in our list of the Best anime apps for iPhone, is available for free in the App Store and compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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PaigeeWorld – How to draw manga, anime and cartoons.


Exploring the PaigeeWorld

This app caters to a very unique niche. It’s clearly not for everyone, but if you are a fan of Japanese Manga style comics you will absolutely love this app. You don’t have to be an artist yourself to use and enjoy the app – just a fan. There’s a whole mini universe to explore here. You might call it the Facebook for Japanese comic fanatics. If you’re not the best artist but you want to learn, this is also a great app for you. There’s a whole community of people to help you explore your inner Manga artist, and interaction with the community at large is definitely encouraged.

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There is a lot to explore in PaigeeWorld, and that’s probably the only major criticism I had with this app – it’s a little intimidating at first. It’s best to take a look around and get familiar with the app before you attempt to immerse yourself in the world. Having said that there is a tutorial to get you started that explains everything in great detail -- it’s just not the easiest thing to find. To help you out, you can find it by tapping on the Paigee central tab on the left side, and then clicking on start near the top.

Exploring the PaigeeWorld image

Using the App

There are six navigation buttons on the left-hand side that will help you navigate through PaigeeWorld: home, explore, discover, Paigee central, upload, and profile. The home tab is kind of a bulletin board. Here you will find any announcements and any points you’ve been rewarded will be posted here as well. The explore tab is really the heart of the app. In here you can gain access to other member’s art in various categories, get feedback on your own art, and find great artists you want to follow. The discover tab allows you to quickly rate other artists work. The Paigee central tab is where you will find all the tutorials that can help you become the budding Manga artist you want to be, as well as the instruction manual for using the app – be aware though, you will need to collect Paigee points to unlock tutorials. This can be done by completing certain daily tasks in PaigeeWorld, or you can purchase them from the App Store. It would have been nice if they offered a couple of these for free to get you started. The other two tabs are just your profile tab and the upload tab for uploading your own drawings. Unfortunately the app does not allow you to create drawings right in the app itself. 

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Using the App image

PaigeeWorld – How to draw manga, anime and cartoons.


Pros and Cons


  • Provides a unique social media environment for Manga comic fans and artists
  • There is a comprehensive tutorial to get you started
  • Lots of tutorials that can be unlocked with Paigee points to help you develop as a Manga artist


  • Comprehensive tutorial could be easier to find
  • Most tutorials requires Paigee points to unlock them

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you are a fan of the Manga comic style this app is definitely for you. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you figure everything out it really does offer a rich social media environment. This is definitely worth a look, even if you’re just a little curious about Manga.

PaigeeWorld – How to draw manga, anime and cartoons.

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