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Cross Stitch app review: tips on how to dog cross-stitch



Cross stitching can be a tedious and frustrating experience if you do not know how to do it right. Luckily, Anuman, a professional app developer and specialist in this field, has managed to come up with a technical guide with the information presented in an app, Cross Stitch. Since its introduction into the iTunes gallery, it has helped millions of people to stitch their companions.

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Cross stitch - Dogs



Unlike other application that aims at teaching professionals and intermediate trainer, this one is dedicated for all levels of users as the guide is quite basic. The information has actually being proven to be effective by professional stitchers with proven record of accomplishment. In fact, the information was used to compile some of the technique and charts that you will access.

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One of the great things about this application is that it has an easy interface that you can easily use to access all the features without seeking additional training or skills. All you have to do is more from one chart to the next as you try out the various patterns.

Unlike other apps that just cover one design, this one offer a number of modern designs that will give you unlimited skills and references. It is an ideal choice for all age of dogs hence you do not have to purchase a different app for each dog.

However, it is important to take time to learn how the app works to access all the features and derive maximum utility from it even though it is very basic. 

Best Features of Cross Stitch iTunes Application

One of the best features about this professional application is that it is available in both French and English languages. However, the developers are working seriously to come up with new version that will be available in a number of different languages.

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Unlike other apps with similar possibilities which are so huge and affect functionalism of devices, this one is just 52.7 MB hence you do not have to sacrifice too much memory space.

The main interface has several options that you can select such as browse patterns; resume previous session, advices and backups to ensure that you never lose important information. More importantly, you can buy a book if you prefer reading instead of acquiring all the information from the app. The books are written by professionals and are very convenient to use hence rest assured that you will get value for your money.

Cross stitch - Dogs


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to share charts and other information on social media
  • Technical guide that was crafted by professionals
  • Great interface and images to take you through each process
  • No need to use internet to access most of the features such as charts
  • Ability to purchase a book without having to first close the app


  • There are no negatives

Final Thoughts

Cross Stitch is a very reliable app that you can use to acquire new skills. It is easy to use and the charts are credible so rest assured you will get value for your time and money.

Cross stitch - Dogs

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