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Wedding Planner PRO app review: learn how to plan for your wedding like a pro



Weddings are some of the most memorable moments to couples. However, to ensure that everything does on as planned, you need to plan well for the big day. This would mean hiring a wedding planner; this is quite an expensive decision to make as most of them charge depending on number of hours that they work for you. To solve this issue, Sockii Pty LTD has come up with the Wedding Planner PRO iOS application that is compatible with iPad only. 

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Wedding Planner Professional


Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

Simply put, Wedding Planner PRO will make the whole process of preparing for your wedding a breeze as it is designed to help you do most of the tasks. For instance, it will help keep track of the entire guest list, budget or expenses, ideas, seating arrangement, and the list continues up to the important wedding rings are on.

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One of the key attributes is that it is compatible with iCloud so you can synchronize the planner database with other personal devices. However, you need to have an account on iCloud and have each registered on the devices that you intend to use.

It is very easy to forget some of the details due to the many hustles that holding a wedding brings about. There's no need to worry as this smart app will track of all them for you before, during, and even after the big day. To achieve this goal, it allows users to set reminders on various tasks. In addition, you will be able to draft, edit, and make unlimited changes to your wedding day schedule to ensure that everything goes down as planned.

Keeping track of your guests profile is another difficult task that couples and wedding planners face. The developer understands this fact too well and have incorporated a feature that all you to add each guests profiles in minutes. There is also a smart and modern seating planner that you can use to know where each of your guests will be seated.

Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro image

Best Features

Apart from the seating planner, this application allows you to mark specific wedding vendors as your favorite for easier identification and hiring process. More importantly, you can create space for notes and images to give you an idea on how the wedding venue will look like on the due date.

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Tracking progress of all preparation tasks can be a difficult task to new couples. The app is programmed to help you know progress of every task, wedding budget, and guest list. There is also a search feature and backup option to ensure you never lose important information.

Best Features    image

Wedding Planner Professional


Pros & Cons


  • Search feature to help you locate information fast
  • Tracking capabilities to ensure you never miss a step
  • Professional budget planner to ensure you do not overspend
  • Ability to track partial payments as well as payment history


  • Some experience on how to plan for a wedding is required to ensure that no over- or underestimation is done

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Wedding Planner PRO is a great app that will redefine how you plan for your wedding. It is relatively easy to use and the features are just amazing.

Wedding Planner Professional

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