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Paint and Play - Kids Doodle Animal Jam app review: providing a canvas for your little Picasso 2021



There are many painting and doodle apps in the App Store but what makes Paint and Play app for iPhone unique is its utter simplicity and ease of use. 

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It is a painting application designed by parents so that kids can doodle away with this app. It is perfect for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, although the larger screen on the iPad is ideal.

Keep reading our doodle app for kids review to see how this offering measures up to the best iPhone painting apps for kids. 

Kids Paint & Play Animal Planet Discovery Coloring


A Simple Canvas for Your Little Painter

If you want your child to learn how to paint and recognize different colors, then Paint and Play - Kids Doodle Animal Jam is a good app for you. This application offers simple features that are specifically designed for small kids.

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Paint and Play offers basic tools that will help your child to get started with painting, coloring, and doodling. The app provides a simple canvas which can be used to create colorful doodles. Attractive images of animals are also available for coloring.

This application is a good educational tool to help children develop their fine motor skills. Through painting and coloring activities, your kid can learn hand and eye coordination. The app also builds your child’s spatial skills by learning the correct placement of colors on every blank canvas or image.

A Simple Canvas for Your Little Painter image

Best Features

Paint and Play offers dozens of animal images which can be used for coloring activities. Colorless drawings of lions, dinosaurs, birds, and other common domestic pets are available in the app.

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This application has an easy-to-use color palette mixer. Your child can choose any color from the mixer by simply tapping the palette. The app’s mixer also allows your kid to create different color hues and variations. Brush thickness and strength can be customized from the mixer tool.

Paint and Play offers different coloring activities and small games for children. These activities are designed to keep your child occupied for hours. Some of the games included in this app are mazes, puzzles, and many more.

The app offers a new feature called Brush Textures. This tool allows your kid to use any photo from the device camera or Photo Album to create custom made brush strokes. This added feature will help enhance your child’s creativity in combining different textured colors.

The doodle feature of this application allows children to create their own collection of personalized drawings. By choosing a blank canvas, children will be able to draw whatever image they want. The images can be saved in the app.

Other extra features of the app include undo or erase function and an option to completely clear the whole canvas.

Best Features    image

Kids Paint & Play Animal Planet Discovery Coloring


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with simple navigation tools
  • Dozens of animal designs for coloring
  • Doodle option for custom drawing
  • Unique color mixer with options for customization
  • New Textured Brush feature
  • With erase and undo function
  • Responsive tools for convenient drawing
  • Works without Internet connection


  • More coloring images are needed
  • No social sharing feature

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Paint and Play - Kids Doodle Animal Jam is a good painting and doodle app for small children. It offers simple but unique features that will bring hours of fun for your child.

Kids Paint & Play Animal Planet Discovery Coloring

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