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Perfect Piano ™ app review: learning to play smoothly-2020



Learning to play a musical instrument can be pretty rewarding but it can also prove to be quite challenging, especially if you don't have access to the instrument you want to learn. The Perfect Piano app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch makes it possible to learn about the piano and then learn how to play it thanks to this realistic and amazingly accurate user interface.

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This learn to play piano app offers a variety of learning tools, playing modes, and it's able to support the entire keyboard of the piano for a smooth experience. It's one of the best piano keyboard apps on the market today.

With this learn how to play piano app, you will be able to learn thousands of popular music scores with three play modes. Check out our Perfect Piano app review for more details on this great piano app. 

Perfect Piano - Learn to Play


A Realistic Experience

Just because you may not own a piano or you don't have one available to you on a daily basis doesn't meant that should stop you from learning to play. The Perfect Piano ™ app offers users a realistic experience through the looks, sounds, and feel of this offering.

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You'll get the total experience thanks to being able to view the full keyboard at one time. The app supports multi-touch play, just as you would play in real life. The user interface is incredibly intuitive and responsive detecting any little touch of pressure.

You've probably tried playing the piano on apps before where the keys are far too small to use them or vice versa, which is why you'll love the fact you can customize the key width.

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Multi-Functional Modes

The Perfect Piano ™ app provides users with a couple of different modes to choose from, which are two player mode, dual row mode, and single row mode. Also, make use of the Learn to Play mode where each song you can learn offers three different levels of difficulty.

The options just go on and on with Falling Ball mode, Music Sheet mode, and Waterfall mode. The piano app comes with 70 sample songs and there are updates to the song library each week, which you can download.

Be sure to record your playing so that you can listen to it again and of course show off by sharing it with friends. Additionally there are nine keyboard sounds, it offers Metronome support, and it supports audio and MIDI.

Multi-Functional Modes image

Perfect Piano - Learn to Play


Pros and Cons


  • The iPad piano app offers a realistic experience in sounds and feel
  • There are a variety of different modes to play in
  • The Learn to Play mode offers three different difficulty levels
  • There is a selection of songs preloaded and more are offered each week, which can be downloaded


  • Not all content is offered for free

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Final Thoughts

The Perfect Piano ™ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users a chance to not just learn but perfect their piano playing skills through a variety of professional and polished tools.

Perfect Piano - Learn to Play

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