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Sketches 2 app review: customize your pictures and ideas



One of the benefits of having an iPhone is that it is capable of carrying out hundreds of operations. Sketches 2 is an app developed by LateNiteSoft S.L, one of the best iOS app developer around. Currently, the default languages for Sketches 2 are English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German. 

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Sketches 2


How Sketches 2 Application Works

Sketches 2 is a smart application that is designed to help users to decorate pictures, come up with street directions to send to friends, and to sketch some of the crazy ideas that you get when bored. It is also possible to use the app to come up with artworks while on the road.

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One of the aspects that stand out about this app is the simple and beautiful interface that is very un-obstructive that allows users to easily browse each of the categories. The developers have done all the hard work for you and created a number of predefined clipart and shapes that you can use to quickly draft your ideas and drawings in minutes.

There is also simple color selection as well as a designer color picker that you can use to customize your drawings before sending them out to friends. One of the best ways of using this feature is to choose colors that best resonate with your drawing. 

Best Features

One of the amazing capabilities about this application is the natural panning and fast-zooming capabilities that you can use adjust your drawings. No prior art experience is required as there the intuitive interface will allow you to change size, position of all shapes, and texts that you intend to incorporate in your drawings.

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There's no need to worry what to do if the sketch does not appeal to you. You can erase some of the sections using revert options. You can also undo or redo the sketch until you get the fine copy. You can share the sketch via social media platforms such as Twitter.

If you have your friends' email addresses, you can send the sketches via email. One of the best ways of making your sketches unique is by downloading them to your computer and converting them to either PDF, PNG, or JPG. 

Sketches 2


Pros & Cons


  • No Internet access is required unless when sharing the sketches via email or Twitter
  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • Predefined shapes and clipart to save you time
  • Ability to adjust performance depending on the device you are using
  • Map integration feature that you can use to create direction sketches
  • Artistic brushes


  • It is not possible to synchronize with other devices

Final Thoughts

Sketches 2 is an amazing app that you can use to come up with professional sketches on your iPad or iPhone. The stunning user interface will surely make the process of coming up with sketches a breeze. 


Sketches 2

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