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Sky Numbers HD app review: the best math game



Mathematics is not one of the easiest subjects for most students. This explains the large number of private tutors and learning institutions that offer additional lessons to students who have a problem understanding how to solve various questions. has managed to come up with an app, Sky Numbers HD, that is tailored to educate kids about this subject. English and Croatian are the default languages.

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Sky Numbers HD


How to Play This Math Game

Sky numbers HD is an interactive game that is programmed to test your understanding on how to solve mathematical questions as well as improve your basic math skills. Simply put, it has redefined the manner in which students master various mathematical concepts. The programmers have worked to come up with an intuitive interface that will grab your attention and speed up your ability to solve mathematical questions.

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Ideally, the app is designed to auto-generate random numbers that seem to be falling from the sky as evident from the four sets of clouds that seem to hold them for a moment before they fall to the ground. Players are required to use basic math calculations and skills to create an equation and arrive at a specific result.

You can create the equations using only 25 digits and you will lose if one single digit falls from through the last cloud. As you continue to successfully create the equations, the speed of the game will increase from 20% up to 200%, which is the maximum rate. 

What Makes This Game Ideal for Kids

To encourage kids to continue playing even as the speed increases, Sky Numbers HD is programmed to give you bonus figures that are categorized in three groups; namely, Bomb, Clear and Snow. Unlike other apps whose tests are not accurate to some extent, this one provides accredited tests that you can actually come across in some mathematical tests.

Gone are the days when you had to persevere doing the same tests over and over again. This app is designed to generate challenging tests that will not only trigger your mind to think outside the box but also encourage you to continue playing for hours. Most of the users are actually addicted, which is good because they get maximum utility from it.

It is also important to take note of the beautiful interface and relaxing gameplay environment that makes the whole learning process fun. You can go a step further and compare your scores with friends and other users from all across the globe through Game Center.

Sky Numbers HD


Pros & Cons


  • Provides challenging math tests that are credible and applicable in school setting
  • Great interface that makes it fun to play
  • Ability to share results through Game Center support
  • Suitable for kids as well as anyone who loves solving challenging tests
  • No Internet access required unless when sharing results


  • The app only provides mathematics tests

Final Words

Sky Numbers HD is an amazing app that you can use to put your mathematical skills to the test. You will surely love the great interface and challenging tests that it offers.

Sky Numbers HD

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