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Perfect Web Browser app review: providing an extraordinary web browsing experience



Perfect Web Browser offers a solid and comprehensive web browsing experience. With cutting-edge features and user-friendly controls, this private browsing app can match or even surpass the functionality of leading mobile browsers in the market. Developed for the iPad, this web browser integrates perfectly with Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Perfect® Web Browser - with Dropbox & Drive support


A Browser that Brings Perfect User Experience

The developers of this app are not playing with words when they named this browser as Perfect Web Browser. That’s because this application does what it says: it brings the perfect web-browsing experience for you. 

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This browser offers an impressive set of cutting edge features that are usually provided only by best-in-class desktop browsers. Some of these features include unlimited tabbed browsing, ability to import bookmarks, private browsing options, download managers, full screen functionality, and many more.

But what makes Perfect Web Browser truly extraordinary is its ability to fully integrate iPad’s touch technology into its system. This browser supports multi-touch gestures that make online browsing a breeze. Its patented Hyper Scroll allows for smooth vertical scrolling. And the best part is that Perfect Web Browser supports a TV Output mode using Rapid VGA so you can browse from a television screen or use another bigger monitor to view web pages.

A Browser that Brings Perfect User Experience image

Best Features of Perfect Web Browser

Perfect Web Browser supports unlimited tabbed browsing with added ability for customizing the refresh mode for each tab. It supports Bluetooth keyboard and allows you to use as many as 25 shortcuts.

Browsing the web using this app has become a lot more convenient by using its multi-touch gesture feature. You can now browse much faster because the app easily recognizes finger actions. For example, you can flick three fingers upwards to enter URLs in the address bar. A downward gesture closes the tab. You can switch tabs by flicking two fingers sideways. And you can switch to full screen mode by tapping the screen with four fingers. The best part is you can customize the gestures settings to match your own preferences.

One of the best features of Perfect Web Browser is its ability to output its display to an external monitor or to a digital TV. Using Rapid VGA, you can connect your iPad to another display device to get more screen real estate. It also supports mirroring to a projector and to other standard LED and LCD monitors. You can also select single tab projection so you can continue browsing on the iPad while projecting one tab on an external monitor.

Other powerful features of this app include seamless integration with Dropbox and Google Drive for file back-up and storage, an efficient download manager, and rapid browsing with instant suggestion support. It also has a built in user-agent for major browsers and privacy browsing that clears your sessions on exit. 

Best Features of Perfect Web Browser image

Perfect® Web Browser - with Dropbox & Drive support


Pros & Cons


  • Powerful features that matches the best of desktop browsers
  • With TV output support
  • Offers smart multi-touch gestures
  • Integrates with Dropbox and Google Driv
  • Privacy features
  • Customizable browsing experience


  • No negative review

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you want to get the best web browsing experience from your iPad, then Perfect Web Browser is the right app for you. It might just be the best private browser iPad app out there.

Perfect® Web Browser - with Dropbox & Drive support

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