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Solunar Calendar Best Hunting Times and Feeding app review: a reliable tool for successful hunting expedition



Solunar Calendar, also known as Hunting Aid by Sergey Vdovenko, is every hunter’s dream app. This application lets you know the best day and the right time to go hunting. It offers predictions of optimal hunting time based on the solunar calendar so you can increase your rate of success and chalk-up more trophies. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding


Making Use of the Science of Solunar Table

The Solundar Calendar app makes full use of the solunar theory of animal movement. The theory states that the movement and feeding behavior of game animals are primarily influenced by the location of the sun, phases of the moon, and specific weather patterns. Thus in 1936, John Aldenn Knight published the solunar table as a general guide for hunters and fishers to help them increase their catch.

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Solunar Calendar integrates the basic hypothesis of Knight and modern data on lunar and solar movements to come up with more accurate prediction of animal behavior. With this app, you will be able to make a solid plan for your hunting trips. It gives you a pretty accurate prediction of the best days and the right time to hunt.

The accuracy of Solunar Calendar is impressive. That is why it is getting solid ratings from its satisfied users. In fact, it is one of the highest rated applications in the App Store today.

Making Use of the Science of Solunar Table image

Best Features of Solunar Calendar App

Solunar Calendar offers a well laid-out-calendar that shows the most ideal days for hunting. More specifically, it shows a visual rating of your chance of success for each day. The calendar also displays sunrise and sunset times, the length of each day, and the exact hours of moonrise and moonset.

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The app prominently displays the best hunting times for each day. The hours are shown at the top section of the screen for easy viewing. The ideal hunting hours are indicated by three red shell icons.

This application does not require you to connect to the Internet. It uses GPS to track and locate your exact position. So even if you are hunting in the woods with no internet and cellular signal, you can still use this app to know your location and to determine the best day and the right hour for hunting.

Solunar Calendar offers a professional-looking user interface with impressive graphics. It gives a plethora of valuable information that you will need for your hunting expedition. Specific weather predictions are also available in the app with information about wind speed and humidity.

And lastly, this app allows you to tag your favorite locations on a high resolution map. You can also take pictures of your trophies and pin them on the map. To earn your bragging rights, the app allows you to share pictures of your trophies via email.

Best Features of Solunar Calendar App image

Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding


Pros & Cons


  • Impressive solunar calendar with valuable hunting information
  • Professional design and layout
  • Automatic GPS tracking
  • Allows location tagging
  • Option to share pictures via email
  • Works offline


  • No waypoint tracking option

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Solunar Calendar is one of the best iOS applications for serious hunters. It offers extremely valuable information to help you succeed during your hunting trips. 

Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding

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