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Dare Devil 3D app review: perform extreme stunts



While it may seem like motorcycle stunt driving isn't a good idea, it's actually perfectly safe with this virtual offering. The Dare Devil 3D app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users the opportunity to take part in all kinds of extreme stunts on a motor bike. In this game it’s all about proving that you are the ultimate stunt driver so you need to have fast reflexes and nerves of steel to make it far in this game.

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Dare Devil 3D


Show Them What You’ve Got

Here’s your chance to show off your skills as a stunt driver in the Dare Devil 3D app. There are 20 levels worth of challenges here where you will need to jump and perform stunts all while avoiding the many obstacles in your way. The game uses realistic physics so that it performs in a manner that makes sense and is intuitive. The 3D HD graphics make the action all the more fun and exciting. The goal of each level is to make it through the obstacle course without crashing, perform stunts in the process, and also collect the stars. You'll be able to earn up to three stars on each level and there are bonus points available.

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The app requires iOS 7.1 or later to use and has just been updated with a preview video and additional screenshots. It looks like this app is hitting all the high notes with customers who have given it five out of five stars. While there are no customer comments yet the perfect rating certainly sends out a clear message.

Race through the course performing stunts along the way
Race through the course performing stunts along the way

Non-Stop Action and Challenge

The Dare Devil 3D app features non-stop action and challenge which is why players love that it supports Game Center and Leaderboards. You can see where you driving stacks up next to other's and there are even Achievements you can unlock. Be prepared because this game moves along at a very fast-pace so you need to be on your toes right from the start. The controls are easy enough to use and pick up on but the gameplay takes a while to master. Be sure to try out the different bikes as they all perform differently.

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All in all this is a rather addictive game that you’ll enjoy coming back to again and again. It can be played by adults and kids just be prepared to put in a lot of practice time in order to get those really high scores.

Try to earn high scores
Try to earn high scores

Dare Devil 3D


Pros and Cons


  • The game controls are smooth, intuitive, and easy to understand
  • There are 20 levels to complete
  • Earn stars, bonus points, and unlock achievements
  • Choose from different bikes
  • There are a variety of stunts to perform


  • It would be nice to see more options added to the game for added challenges

Challenge your friend
Challenge your friend

Final Thoughts

The Dare Devil 3D app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will get your heart racing as you try your best to complete the course and avoid the obstacles. This game proves to be addictive and challenging with incredible graphics and gameplay.


Dare Devil 3D

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