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Kurumaki Calendar app review: a colorful calendar with month scroll view 2021



Kurumaki Calendar is a unique application that offers a continuous scrolling view between months. Instead of giving a weekly or monthly view of your schedules, this iPhone calendar app offers an expanded two-month display so you can always see your important appointments.

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Developed by Littlen Star, the calendar app is also compatible with your iPad and iPod Touch. For more details on this good calendar app for iPhone and iPad users, keep reading our Kurumaki Calendar app review.

Kurumaki Calendar


A Unique Scrolling Calendar App

The Kurumaki Calendar app was inspired by a paper calendar system that originated from Japan. The concept of this app is simple but very unique. Derived from the Japanese words Kuruma and Ki which roughly mean roll and view, the Kurumaki Calendar gives you a rolling view of your schedules and appointments.

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The default view of this application is always six weeks. The calendar is set on the screen and you can scroll through your two-month schedules with ease. This app saves time because you don’t have to switch between screens to view the months of your calendar.

Everything is presented to you in one scrolling screen and you can even add additional months so you can view more schedules.

A Unique Scrolling Calendar App image

Features of Kurumaki Calendar App

The main feature of Kurumaki Calendar is its scrolling month view. You can see the current month and the next month by scrolling down the screen.

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This gives you plenty of screen space and allows you to view your schedules much faster. It also allows you to add more months so you can continuously scroll through your entire calendar with ease.

The app always displays your six-week schedules. No matter how you scroll the screen or how long you set the calendar, the six-week view will always be the default. Again, this is a very useful feature because you can always get a quick overview of your appointments at a glance.

Another unique feature of Kurumaki Calendar is its customizable color display option. It allows you to assign a specific color to each of your schedules. There is a color palette at the settings screen which you can use to color code your appointments.

This option gives your calendar a more visual appeal. Apart from being attractive and colorful, the color coding feature allows you to quickly recognize each date on your calendar.

Adding an event to your calendar is fast and easy. Simply tap the + symbol which is located at the top of the screen. You can set the date, hour, and write some notes to your new event. After completing all the information for your event, just tap the ‘Done’ button to save the appointment to your calendar.

This app offers multi-copy feature so you can easily create multiple events in just a few taps. The official national holidays of the United States, Japan, and Finland are also included in the app.

Features of Kurumaki Calendar App image

Kurumaki Calendar


Pros and Cons


  • Supports month scrolling view.
  • Always displays 6-week schedules.
  • Color coding options.
  • With multi-copy feature.


  • More color themes are needed.

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Kurumaki Calendar offers a unique experience for users. Viewing your appointments and schedules is easier, thanks to its month scrolling feature and color coded dates.

Kurumaki Calendar

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