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Yatzy Saga(Pro) app review: a challenging dice game



If you're familiar with the game of Yatzy then this app will feel familiar in many ways but also features some unique and fun twists. The Yatzy Saga(Pro) app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a dice game filled with twists, fun, and challenges. This game is very easy to pick up on yet you'll spend hours trying to master it and still need more time. It's more than just luck as this brand-new release also requires strategy.

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Yatzy Saga(Pro)


Roll the Dice and Test Your Luck

The Yatzy Saga(Pro) app gives you a chance to roll the dice and test your luck as well your ability to strategize. In this game you'll have no shortage of challenge and you'll find it to be quite addictive for these reasons. The game is very easy to understand but that doesn't mean you'll become an instant expert. Be sure you use all the boosters you can in order to help you through the toughest parts of the levels. There's no need at all to worry about figuring out the calculations as the computer takes care of all the work for you and there are all new categories here: ones that you won't even find in Yahtzee or Yatzy.

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The game offers a few different in-app purchases that can give you more lives, additional levels, and more. These purchases range in price from $0.99 to $4.99. Because this is a brand new release there are no updates, customer comments, or a customer rating yet.

Roll the Dice and Test Your Luck image

Take Your Time

The Yatzy Saga(Pro) app is big on challenges so players will love the fact that there is no time limit when you're playing. This means you can take your time and really think about your strategy. Within this app are Giant Yatzy, Forced Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy, and Classic Yatzy. Launch the app and let the fun begin and try your best to master it all. The game controls are smooth and simple, the game board is fun and lively, and the animations and sound effects definitely add to the user experience.

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All your game stats and particulars can be found on the screen so you always know where you stand. A good idea when you first start the app is to visit the "Rules" section in order to get an understanding of the gameplay. You'll be competing against a very cute little character by the name of Dicy, who adds to the game as well.

Take Your Time image

Yatzy Saga(Pro)


Pros and Cons


  • Start by visiting the Rules page to familiarize yourself with the gameplay
  • The game is a mix of good old fashioned luck and strategizing
  • The game controls as smooth and simple
  • You’ll be competing against a very cute character


Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Yatzy Saga(Pro) app for your iPhone, iPod touch and  iPad, and provides you with a game that is sure to keep you busy and entertained in the best of ways.

Yatzy Saga(Pro)

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