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Fera HD Facebook Browser app review: providing the best Facebook experience for you



Fera HD Facebook Browser is a full-featured app that combines stunning visual elements and impressive functionalities to give you a richer Facebook experience. With its unique user interface, HD rendering, and responsive features, exploring Facebook has become more enjoyable and fun. Developed by Nam Kennic, this application is compatible with your iPad and it requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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Fera HD Facebook Browser - Faster FB Timeline Client


A Stand-out App that Trumps the Competition

A lot of Facebook-driven apps have one thing in common: they are all stripped-down versions with limited features and functions. That is because Facebook is a visual-heavy website with complex scripts that will surely crash most mobile devices.

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Fera HD Facebook Browser stands out from the rest because it takes advantage of the power of Apple’s iPad and combines it with cutting edge apps technology to deliver the best Facebook experience for users.

Fera HD is not your ordinary lite app for simple browsing. It is a powerful tool that renders all the visual elements of Facebook in high definition. The best part is that the app has a unique Smart Caching feature that allows you to explore the giant social network at top speed. It requires less data transfer to significantly increase the responsiveness of different Facebook features.

Features of Fera HD Facebook Browser

Fera HD Facebook Browser offers an unrivaled look with its native Cocoa user interface. The design and layout of this app is simply stunning. You will be able to browse Facebook in a much leisurely fashion, thanks to Fera’s soothing design.

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This app performs extremely well when you explore Facebook. Whether you’re watching videos, browsing photo albums, creating pages, or chatting with friends, Fera HD Browser will always load fast. Its built-in Smart Caching feature reduces data transfer which dramatically improves the responsiveness of your tablet.

Fera HD Facebook Browser offers an impressive array of smart features. This app allows you to upload and edit your cover and profile pictures. You can also do more activities on Facebook, thanks to its tabbed browsing option.

The app supports a native translator tool which can be used to translate Timeline posts, comments, and private messages. It gives you full control of your wall and news feed with direct support for YouTube and SoundCloud playback.

Publishing on Facebook has become a lot easier with Fera HD. The app allows you to add geo-tags to uploaded photos and videos. You can quickly tag your friends and it gives you full control over the privacy settings of your posts.

One of the most impressive features of Fera HD is its ability to download entire albums of photos in one tap. You can download and upload videos while multiple photo upload is also supported.

Fera HD Facebook Browser - Faster FB Timeline Client


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive user interface with professional layout
  • With Smart Caching for faster browsing
  • Offers multiple photo uploads
  • Download photo albums
  • Supports in-app video and audio playback
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Complete privacy controls
  • HD display
  • Allows multiple accounts


  • It is nice to have new UI themes for this app

Final Thoughts

Fera HD Facebook Browser is one of the most popular and highly rated apps in the App Store. It is a must-have app if you want a better Facebook browsing experience.

Fera HD Facebook Browser - Faster FB Timeline Client

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