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Budget Car Rental app review: convenient rentals 2021



When you do a lot of traveling it’s a good idea to plan ahead. The Budget Car Rental iOS app can help you with arranging for a car at your travel location.

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Being able to rent a car from the convenience of your own home without ever having to pick up a phone has a lot of merit. It’s also comforting to rent from a big company like Budget – you know you’re getting a reliable vehicle and service. This is a free car rental app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Keep reading our Budget car rental app review for more details. It really is easy to budget cars for rent with this app. 

Budget – Car Rental


Convenient Travel

If you’ve ever rented a vehicle before then you probably have mixed feelings about your experience. Some companies promise you the world but just don’t deliver. When you rent a car you want convenience – when you step off that airplane you want to have that car waiting for you.

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You definitely don’t want to take a cab to a downtown location first to find your rental vehicle. That’s the advantage of using a big company like budget. They have locations in numerous major airports and they generally have a good selection of vehicles.

A major advantage of using the app is you don’t have to worry about tracking down the right number – it takes a lot of the guesswork out of browsing for a rental.

This app provides a peace of mind. You can double check your reservation whenever you like, and if there is any mix up when you get to the budget location, you can always compare your reservation to the information they have on file provided that you carry your iDevice with you. The app will only require 3.7MB on your IOS device.

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Using the App

When you’re using an app to replace a service you would normally access via the phone, you want something that enhances the usual experience. The Budget Car Rental app provides everything you need to make your car rental go smoothly and rather quickly.

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You can view prices at your travel location, look at available vehicles, and place your reservation all within a few minutes. Everything you need is available in this app.

The app itself is pretty simple. There are four main tabs on the home screen. The first tab is for your actual reservation. From here you can choose the location, vehicle type, any extra services and coverage you desire, and enter all your personal information in this field.

The other tabs allow you to modify your profile, manage your reservation, and get in touch with customer care. Overall, I found that it worked great the few times I tested the app. They do have a feedback tab, and it’s always nice to see a company that’s looking to improve their service to the customer.

Using the App image

Budget – Car Rental


Pros & Cons


  • Keep things simple, doesn’t overcomplicate the process
  • Allows you to choose a vehicle as well as many different options
  • Ability to modify your profile, as well as your reservations


  • Didn’t always recognize my location

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

The Budget Rental Car app does a good job of making your rental experience a smooth one. It provides you with all the options for service that you would expect from a major car rental company. On occasion it has trouble determining your location, but this is usually solved by restarting the app.

Budget – Car Rental

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