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nTune: Violin Free app review: tune your violin to perfect pitch



If you play the violin then this app is a must. A musician playing an instrument that’s out of tune can be extremely painful to the ears. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a playing an old six string, or a classic instrument like the violin – you’re instrument has to be in tune before you begin playing. The nTune: Violin Free app is a great little tool to help you get your violin ready for your next concert. The best part is that the app is free and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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nTune:Violin Free


Getting in Tune

If you’ve ever played an instrument that was out of tune you’ll be familiar with the pain everyone else around you felt. There’s no need to put anyone through that with an app like nTune: Violin Free. The app store is full of tuners for the guitar, but tuners for the violin are a little harder to find. Fortunately, you only really need to find one good one, and nTune: Violin Free fits the bill nicely. A tuning app doesn’t need to be overly complicated, and this app does a great job of keeping things simple.

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There aren’t a lot of problems with this app. The only real problem I had with it was the banner adds that run along the bottom. They’re a little distracting, but they don’t interfere with the apps function in any way. It’s not really a major concern. Other than that I didn’t find anything wrong with the app. You’ll only need 6.4MB of available space to download the app, so that shouldn’t present any issues either.

How it Works

When you first open the app you’ll be greeted by a reasonable approximation of a violin. Each of the four strings of the violin has a note on top of it. If you tap on the note, the string will play an in-tune note for that string. There aren’t a lot of extras here. You will notice a button on the left hand side that alternates between pizz and acro when you tap on it. If you tap on a note while pizz is selected, you get is a distinct plucking sound – a short little version of the note. If you switch to acro and try the same thing, the string will simulate the sound you hear when a bow is used on the string – a longer, richer sound.

There isn’t much more to the app. You will notice an option on the left hand side that looks like an image of a speaker with an "x" in it. If you tap a string and then tap this icon the sound will stop. The only other feature available in this app is the ability to repeat the note. Underneath the speaker icon is an icon of two turning arrows – if you select this and then pluck a string the note will sound once. If you deselect this icon and then play the same note, the note will play continuously until you stop it. That’s really all there is to it.

How it Works image

nTune:Violin Free


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Effectively helps you to tune your violin
  • You have the option to play longer or shorter notes


  • There are banner ads along the bottom of the app

Last note

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your violin in tune then nTune: Violin Free is for you. It’s simple to use, but it works. Keeping an instrument in tune should be as simple as possible so that you can get to what’s really important – playing. 

nTune:Violin Free

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