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Super Word Search! Seek and Find Puzzles app review: an exciting word finding game for your tablet



Super Word Search by Selectsoft offers exciting new twists to traditional word games. With tens of thousands of words and hundreds of puzzles to solve, you will surely enjoy this game for hours at a time. This app is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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Super Word Search! - Seek and Find Puzzles


The Ultimate Word Search Game with Exciting Features

There are thousands of word games and puzzles in the App Store’s game center. So, what makes Super Word Search app different from the rest?

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Unlike other word puzzle games, Super Word Search brings the genre to a new level. The typical word games in this category usually offer just one or two game modes with drab and dry interface. But, with this app, you get to choose between four exciting games from relaxed mode to cutting edge and nail-biting frenzy mode. The app also offers an extensive vocabulary database with hundreds of different puzzles to keep you occupied for hours word gaming fun.

Additionally, the app offers an attractive layout with a highly responsive board for trouble free game play. You can also choose to activate the game’s background music and sound effects to enhance your gaming experience.

Features of Super Word Search

This app offers more than 10,000 words and more than 500 puzzles. There are different categories to choose from which include: nature, geography, science, sports, music, animals, celebration, vocabulary, electronics, and more.

Super Word Search allows you to choose between four unique and exciting game modes. These are the Levels mode, the Frenzy, a timed mode, and a relaxed mode.

The Levels game is like a campaign mode. You have to solve the whole puzzle to unlock the next level. In this game, you are given 45 seconds to find a word. You will lose a life if the time runs out.

The Frenzy mode is the most exciting game of the app. You are given 13 seconds to find a word. A successful guess triggers the puzzle to re-scramble. If the time runs out, you will lose a life.

The Timed mode is best for players looking for an adrenaline rush. In this game, you are given a minute and a half to solve the puzzle. You will earn bonus points for every second that is left on your timer when the game ends. If you cannot solve the puzzle, then it is game over for you.

In case you want to play at your own pace, the Relaxed mode is perfect for you. The game only requires you to solve the puzzle with no time limit.

Other fun features of Super Word Search include a high score board, a hint option, and entertaining background music with sound effects.

Super Word Search! - Seek and Find Puzzles


Pros & Cons


  • Offers more than 10,000 words and 500 puzzles
  • Four exciting game modes
  • Dozens of categories
  • Extensive vocabulary from most common to the most obscure words
  • With background music and sound effects
  • Easy to use with attractive layout


  • Needs an in-app dictionary that shows the meaning of obscure words

Final Thoughts

Super Word Search is probably the most exciting word finding game in the App Store. Its extensive database of words and fun-filled game play options will keep you entertained and challenged for hours on end. 

Super Word Search! - Seek and Find Puzzles

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