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Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses app review: a comprehensive drug guide book for all nurses 2021



Davis’s Drug Guide offers updated and comprehensive information on thousands of generic and brand name drugs. This nurses app is a crucial guide that provides everything you need to know about drug administration, dosing, interactions, safety, and more.

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Developed by USBMIS Inc., the drug guide app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Keep reading our Davis's Drug Guide app review to learn more details about this good iPhone app for nurses. 

Davis's Drug Guide For Nurses


Helping You to Give the Best Care for Patients

As a nurse, you know that medication errors can cause adverse side effects to your patients and worse. In some instances, even a slight error could lead to fatal consequences. That is why you need a reliable guide book or reference to ensure that you are giving the right medications to your patients.

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Unfortunately, traditional drug guide books are too cumbersome for busy nurses like you. They usually come in thick volumes with thousands of pages that list several hundred drugs. Flipping through those pages can be a real pain and time consuming.

The Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses makes everything easier for you. This application can be easily downloaded and installed to your smartphones and tablets. With this app, there is no need for you to flip through hundreds of pages just to find the right information you need.

Most important of all, Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses has all the information you need to become a competent point-of-care person. It offers correct dosing information and covers different drug interactions. It even gives suggestions on how to convey the information to your patients. 

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Features of Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses

The app offers the latest and the most updated information about drugs as vetted by official regulatory bodies. Each year, the developer of this app releases new updates.

To get these updates, you need to have a yearly subscription for the app. In case you want to discontinue your subscription, you can still use the version that you have paid for.

Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses contains accurate information on more than 5,000 generic and trade name drugs with 1,700 peer-reviewed monographs. It offers cost and pricing information on more than 200 commonly medicated drugs. There’s also a section that provides a list of discontinued or banned drugs.

This app has an integrated dosing calculator that ensures the safety of your patients. This feature gives you the necessary information about proper dosing with links to appropriate drug monographs.

Other powerful features of this app include an intuitive search feature, information about herbal content, section for patients with special needs, pharmacotherapeutics information on each drug, and a highly structured index for ease of use.

Features of Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses image

Davis's Drug Guide For Nurses


Pros & Cons


  • Offers complete and updated information.
  • With more than 5,000 generic and trade name drugs.
  • With cost information.
  • Integrated dosing calculator.
  • Allows saving of favorites in the app.
  • Comes with images and illustrations.
  • With safety alerts and warnings.
  • Includes strategies for risk evaluation and mitigation.


  • No negative review for this app.

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses is an impressive app that focuses on safety and convenience. It ensures the safety of patients while giving nurses an easier time to find accurate information about drugs. 

Davis's Drug Guide For Nurses

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