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SDN Mobile app review: get full access to SDN forums



Student Doctor Network forums are the best platforms that you can use to access dental information. Student Doctor Network has come up with an amazing iTunes app SDN Mobile that is tailored to give you access to all the forums without spending an extra penny. Currently, it is available in a wide array of languages such as English, German, Hungarian, Korean, Swedish, Spanish, French, Bokmal, and many more. 

SDN Mobile


Get Full Access to SDN Forums

SDN Mobile is programmed to give you access to hundreds of SDN forums without the any advertisements pop-ups. As evident from the many positive reviews, this app offers a very clean and fast forum experience that is miles ahead of the convention browsing experience that you would get when using the standard forum browser applications.

Examples of some of the forums that you will access include Dental, Optometry, Medical Students, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary, Podiatry, Physical Therapy and the list continues. All the information contained in each forum is first validated to ensure that you get accurate results every time.

The settings have a quick reply bar that you can activate to send messages to other users. The developer has also incorporated push notifications that you can utilize if you have some subscribed threads, in-thread mentions, as well as private conversations. All you have to do is change the settings as per your preferences.

To save time, it is possible to save all your favorite searches for future reference and customize font sizes on different posts for easier reading. Most of the people use videos to discuss various topics on forums. In response to this, the developer has made it possible for users to open links to videos without having to first close the app.


Best Features .

The great interface that is easy to navigate is one of the major attributes that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market. It is also very easy to locate specific documents as it offers a fast and convenient browsing experience that is hard to find in other conventional apps.

By using the favorite searches feature, you will be able to browse specific forums such as those that you have participated in or yet to read. This will save time for other income generating activities such as revising for upcoming exams or attending to patients.

It is also important to appreciate the ability to open direct links and videos without having to close other applications that are running. If you have limited eyesight, you can increase the font size on various posts in just one or two clicks.

SDN Mobile


Pros & Cons


  • Quick reply bar to help you interact effectively with other users
  • Wide variety of forums that you can join
  • Accurate information that is first validated
  • Ability to open links and videos while still using the app


  • You cannot use the app while offline

Final Thoughts

SDN Mobile is an amazing app that you can use to access various medical related forums on your iPhone. It is very reliable and easy to use. 

SDN Mobile

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