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Let’s Create! Pottery HD app review: the best ceramic creation game



Pottery is one of the oldest forms of art. Ancient communities used to manually design and create amazing pottery products using locally available materials. Let’s Create! Pottery HD is an iOS app created by Infinite Dreams Inc. Some of the default languages include Russian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, English, and Chinese.

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Let's create! Pottery HD


What to Expect From this Pottery App

Let’s Create! Pottery HD is an amazing app game that is gives users an opportunity to make ceramics in a fun and simplified way. To achieve his, the app comes with a couple of different materials that you can use to come up with your own design. To play, you need to use your artistic talents and skills. For instance, you need to throw the clay on the wheel and use the materials provided to come up with a colorful design.

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This game can help you relax after a long day or during the holidays when you do not want to go outdoors. For instance, the process of glazing your own pottery creation through fire will create a sense of accomplishment that will boost your self-esteem when carry out other tasks at home or at work. Do not get it twisted; the materials are just a digital representation of the real materials that potters use.

Most of the people who have tried out this app attest to the fact that it offers an engaging way of spending leisure time. More importantly, the 3D presentations help to create a vivid mental image of how the pot would look like in the real world. 

Best Features of Let’s Create! Pottery HD

Apart from the stunning 3D presentation, this application allows users to come up with their own palette of brushes and colors. This means that your creativity will not be limited by the number of colors and brushes already available.

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You can also compete with other users by posting your creations on LCP Portal. The design will be ranked by professionals and used to gauge your ability as you climb up the ladder. At the highest level, you will get a chance to compete with the best LCP artists in the world. It is also possible to share some of the creations with friends.

The designs do not have to just be imaginary; you can go a step further to print the 3D pot using the same app. The prints can be displayed in your living room to bring out your inner artistic skills and talents. This is quite easy to do as all the guidelines on how to initiate the printing process are provided. New users who encounter hurdles can consider first watching the demo video to get some tips.

Let's create! Pottery HD


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Ability to come up with your own palette of brushes and colors
  • No limit on the number of designs that you can create


  • The instructions on how to share the designs a not clear enough

Final Thoughts

Use Let’s Create! Pottery HD to show the world your inner artistic and pottery skills and capabilities. The app is very easy to use and ideal for both new and experienced users.

Let's create! Pottery HD

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