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Ski Utah Snow Report app review: get accurate snow reports today



When planning to go skiing in the mountains, it is of paramount importance to first seek information on the current weather conditions to avert accidents and other unforeseen occurrences. Ski Utah has developed an innovative iOS app, Ski Utah Snow Report, that promises to provide you with all information you need to enjoy the best ski experience outdoors. English and German are the default languages and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone devices.

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Ski Utah Snow Report


Accurate Snow Reports on Your Fingertips

Ski Utah Snow Report will keep you updated on the level of snow up the mountain even before you embark on climbing the mountain. To achieve this, the developers have incorporated a number of modern weather features that gives users full access to Doppler and the popular Wasatch Weather Report.

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The app has a unique interface that displays information on the various weather parameters in a clear and easy-to-understand format. You just need to launch it to access the information. However, some background understanding on weather will come in handy when interpreting the reports. This is, however, not a major issue as there are hundreds of free resources online that you can use.

All the information is sourced from various accredited websites to ensure that you get precise weather reports at all times. The app goes a step further to provide you with ice maps to help you get a clear picture of the true condition on the ground as well as interpret the various aspects displayed. Humidity, wind speed, barometer, dew point, and visibility are some of the major weather conditions that it provides.

Best Features of Ski Utah Snow Report

One of the major highlights that Ski Utah Snow Report offers is the powder alert. Simply put, this feature allows users to set the time and amount of fresh snow that they would want to ski on. The app will then work smart to notify them when the level of snow hits the set threshold. More importantly, you can select the region that you would want the app to notify you. For instance, you can set the app to alert you when level of new snow reaches eight inches around resort X.

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Apart from weather reports, the app also provides trail maps, trail status, lift, and webcams. All this information will help you prepare the ski expedition and save time that would have been spent traveling to a particular resort only to find that the level of snow does not meet your specific preferences. By choosing this app, you will get five-day forecast reports to keep you in the know. The reports are updated on a daily basis. 

Ski Utah Snow Report


Pros and Cons


  • Accurate weather reports
  • Gives users access to full Wasatch Weather Reports and Doppler
  • Resort Instagram feed that provides snow images
  • Newsletter sign ups and opening dates


  • You will need a reliable Internet connection to derive maximum utility from this app

Final Thoughts

Ski Utah Snow Report is an amazing app that will provide you with accurate weather reports. The reports are updated on a daily basis and it is quite easy to use. 

Ski Utah Snow Report

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