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Roadside America app review: a road trip guide for discovering attractions across North America 2021



The Roadside America app is an excellent portable tour guide that lets you discover some of the most amazing and most bizarre attractions across the United States and Canada.

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It is a reliable sightseeing app packed with easy-to-use maps, in-depth reviews of thousands of tourist spots, and other cutting-edge features to make your road trip more enjoyable.

This road trip attractions app includes many great adventures and is arguably the best road trip app available. Developed by This Exit LLC, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

For more details on the features and functions of this travel app, check out our Roadside America app review below. 

Roadside America


Get the Latest Scoops about the Attractions of North America

Road trips can get too boring especially if you’re not aware of the great places that North America has to offer. Like most frequent travelers, you probably want a portable application that will point you to some of the most amazing tourist attractions along the way.

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Roadside America does a pretty good job of pointing you to the right attractions. This app offers information about different quirky locations and places in the U.S. and Canada.

Do you want to see the largest alligator in the U.S.? Or maybe you want to discover the Space Farms of New Jersey, the Mummers Museum, and the Rocky Balboa Statue in Philadelphia. All these and thousands more are listed in Roadside America. The best part is that the app offers great photos of different attractions as well as in-depth expert reviews.

Read amusing field reports by the authors of this road trip attractions app, and useful eyewitness tips by travelers. Add Start and End city to reveal a string of possibilities along the route in one of the best road trip app.

The app detects your current location via GPS tracking. It will then show you the 25 nearest attractions or a list of all great places within 25 miles. You can open the app’s interactive map to view road trip directions and distance. The app also allows you to search any attraction across North America by name, zip code, city, or state.

Get the Latest Scoops about the Attractions of North America image

Features of Roadside America

This app offers in-depth reports of almost all amazing places and tourist attractions in six different regions of the United States and 15 Canadian territories. Each location review is presented in an easy-to-read format with photos, directions, and insider travel tips.

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Roadside America features a road map of at least 25 most amazing places near your current location. The interactive map contains various details about each attraction. Simply tap any location pin in the map to know more about a specific attraction.

The app allows you to search different places across North America. A powerful search tool is included in the app that lets you browse all tourist attractions. You can also search locations by city, state, or region. Roadside America uses GPS tracking to find nearby attractions along your routes.

The app offers several useful tools such as social sharing to Facebook and Twitter, a sunset alarm, and a fake call option which you can use to escape from a boring conversation. 

Recent updates have fixed bugs, improved stabilization and optimization, improved app efficiency, and made it easier to share lists. 

Features of Roadside America image

Roadside America


Pros and Cons


  • Powerful road map that shows nearby attractions
  • Offers in-depth reports and reviews with photos and tips
  • Uses GPS to track different locations
  • With social sharing option
  • Added features such as sunset alarm and fake calls
  • Easy to use and fun to read


  • Requires in-app purchases to unlock all regions

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Roadside America is a very valuable application for travelers. It serves as your portable tour guide to discover some of the most amazing places across North America. 

Roadside America

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