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FX Trader Magazine app review: the cutting edge of currency trading



If you are not a currency trader or financial enthusiast you will have absolutely zero interest in FX Trader Magazine. This is an app designed specifically to cater to the world of currency traders. I found it generally worked pretty well, but there were some drawbacks. If you are interested in this field then you’ll probably be willing to put up with some minor pitfalls, as this magazine does have a lot of great content. It’s a free app and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch. This app is featured in our list of the Best Currency Converter apps for the iPad

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FX Trader Magazine


Start Trading

Probably one of the biggest disappointments about apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store is the number of them that claim to be free but actually require a subscription to access 90 percent of the content. In essence, they aren’t free at all! Refreshingly FX Trader Magazine really does offer a free app which allows you to access most of its original content, which is very refreshing! You will have to put up with ads in the free version; if you don’t want to put up with ads you can choose to go with a yearly subscription which will eliminate them.

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When a magazine chooses to create access to its publication on iOS devices it has to decide if the best avenue for its material is to create a standalone app, or simply to make its material available on a magazine subscription service such as Next Issue. The folk at FX Trader decided to make their magazine available in a standalone app. The app will require about 10MB of free space on your iOS device.

Start Trading image

How it Works

What’s great about this app is the easy access to great free content. When you first open it up you’ll notice three separate sections: the first one at the top gives you access to the most current edition of the magazine, the middle section allows you to access special sections which are not included in the regular edition, and the bottom section provides access to previous editions going back to 2009. There really is a lot of free content here which is a great plus.

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What I didn’t like about this app was how long it took to download an edition. When I tapped on an edition to download I was greeted with “please wait.” The problem was that I remained in this status for so long I began to wonder if the app was working. I was about to give up when it finally allowed me to open my downloaded edition. Once I was able to access a magazine I was immediately disappointed again. The content is simply a reproduction of what you would buy at the grocery store. There’s no interactivity: you can’t click on content to view more information on line. There are no videos or anything like that. The information is very static, which is very disappointing for an online effort.

The app itself is simple to use; it’s just a matter of downloading an edition by tapping on the big download button and then opening your content. To flip through the pages you just swipe right to left. You can return to the main library by tapping on the library icon at the top of any page. You can also share an article on social media if you like. If you want to view the editions you’ve downloaded from the main page there’s a button at the bottom titled My Editions.  Overall this app does the basics well.  

How it Works image

FX Trader Magazine


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Content is available for free with ads


  • The magazine does not have any interactive content
  • Individual editions are frustratingly slow to download

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re a currency trader then this app is a must-have not withstanding its drawbacks. There’s a lot of valuable and free content here. If you’re not a currency trader or if you don’t have any interest in financial matters you should probably stay away from this one.

FX Trader Magazine

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