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Workout Timer app review: third-generation interval training Tabata timer 2021



One of the best ways of promoting your health is by taking part in Tabata training. This is one of the high-intensity interval training programs that entail a specific number of exercises that usually last for 20 seconds.

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Workout Timer is a timer app for workouts developed by Alexander Senin, for iPhone and iPad devices. It's considered one of the top workout apps for iPhone in regards to the timer niche.

Perhaps, it might just be the best iPhone workout app for your needs. One way to find out is to keep reading our Workout Timer app review.

Workout Timer - tabata hiit


Third-Generation Interval Training Tabata Timer

Workout Timer is an incredible tool that you can use to improve the manner in which you take part in Tabata training.

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The app comes with a built-in stopwatch that you can use to know the specific amount of time that you spend on each high-intensity exercise. Unlike other similar apps, it is possible to customize the timer to suit your needs and preferences.

It is also possible to listen to some background information while the app is still learning as it has a multi-tasking feature. To ensure that you get the best results, the app displays the duration and number of rounds that you take part in per session in its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Tabata protocol is another feature that gives this application an upper hand in the market. Using this protocol, you will be able to accurately tell the number of rounds that you have done per session. This will in turn help to cushion you from injuries that could arise from prolonged exertion of pressure and force on joints and muscles. 

Third-Generation Interval Training Tabata Timer image

Best Features .

The easy and user-friendly setup is one of the major highlights that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market. For instance, you will be able to adjust the number of rounds and the amount of time that you intend to spend on each round. More importantly, you can set the rest time.

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That is the amount of time that you intend to relax before proceeding to the next exercise. Once you input all the details, the app will work on its own and notify you when the set time elapses. It is also possible to reset the duration per round if need arises.

However, ensure that you follow the rules that govern Tabata training to avoid posing danger to your muscles and joints.

The developer has also incorporated a number of sound schemes such as default, parade, space, training, fun, and soft. You just have to choose a sound notification that best suits you.

For instance, if you want to exercise in total silence, you can mute the app and activate the vibration mode. Check the mute mode of your device if you do not hear the sound.

Best Features   . image

Workout Timer - tabata hiit


Pros & Cons


  • Customizable built-in interval-stop watch
  • Tabata protocol to guide you
  • It displays the number of round that you take per session
  • User-friendly interface
  • No Internet access is required


  • The app can only be used to carry out Tabata interval training

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Workout timer is an incredible tool that you can use to take part in Tabata training more efficiently. Use it today to achieve your desired body posture. 

Workout Timer - tabata hiit

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