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Cookie Jam app review: climb the mountain to build better and more delicious treats



Cookie Jam is an iPhone and iPad match-three game that is both challenging and fun. It's sprinkled with a sweet twist, so jump into this game full of animated treats.

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Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game


Match-up the Treats

Cookie Jam is a fun game to play whether you’re a child or an adult. Match up three of the same icons, and you’ll earn points. There are stars, circles, squares, hearts, and many more shapes. There is a fun map with a gingerbread house, ice cream mountain, and sprinkles too. It’s a nicely designed map, and there are hundreds of levels to achieve.

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As far as maps go, I find them annoying because you have to wait for the transition. There are many kids and adults though who love them, so the developers gave a great-looking map. I appreciate that there are never-ending levels that keep increasing in difficulty, lots of sweet power-ups and combinations, and float your way through fantastical bakery islands. It’s a fun game that’s easy to learn, and as you go on the levels add more challenges to keep you playing.

A Different Match-Three

Cookie Jam is a different kind of match-three game. There is a recipe field at the top left where you find a number of the shapes you have to collect to pass the level. Additionally, you can make T and L shapes to get more points than a row of three. I really enjoyed that this was an option because it gives you additional patterns to look for making it a more challenging play.

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This additional level of challenge is a great way for to stretch your learning. Rather than looking for just the three in a row patterns, or the longer patterns, you can look for L and T patterns. This is a great as it increases difficulty for higher learning. People who are pattern finders, visual learners, and goal oriented will love this game. If you like, you can share to Facebook, but it does not sync to Game Center.

Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Play through many maps and levels
  • Put together recipes as asked by the baker
  • Create tasty treats when you complete the level


  • No sync with Game Center, but it does share to Facebook

Final Thoughts

Cookie Jam is a fun match-three iPhone and iPad app that has a new take. There are assigned shapes that you must get to complete the recipe for the tasty treats, and allows for more than just straight lines. There are additionally an L and T option to keep you looking for patterns. There are nearly unlimited levels, as the game is growing all the time. You can see your Facebook friends on the maps should you choose to connect your account, but it doesn’t sync with Game Center. It’s a great game overall though, and I had fun playing it.


Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game

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