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Get It Done Tasks app review: get your life in order



When it comes to your daily life is yours in a constant state of disarray and disorganization? The Get It Done Tasks app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to get your life organized and get things right on track. The app acts as a project manager and to-do list so that before long you'll be that productive person you always aim to be. While the app isn't loaded with tools what is featured is user-friendly and well- thought-out.

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Get It Done Tasks


Take Control of Your Tasks

Instead of letting yet another day go by without accomplishing all you set out to do why not download the Get It Done Tasks and start benefiting from the organizational tools it offers. The app can be used to create to do lists and set up tasks for personal reasons and work-related ones. As mentioned this one isn't loaded with features but what has been included is powerful and easy-to-use. The app also supports wireless syncing with The entire app has been created using the principals of the book by David Allen called Getting Things Done.

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The app is free to use however there are features that require an upgrade to the premium version of the app. This is available for $39.99 and gives you a full one-year subscription. There have been some very recent updates including improvements with accessibility and some small bug fixes. The app currently has three out of five stars from users and doesn’t yet have any customer comments.

Quickly set up your list of tasks
Quickly set up your list of tasks

Examining the Tools

Of course staying organized is only possible with the right tools and the Get It Done Tasks app strives to provide users with such tools. In this app you'll be able to add in items and then include tags, notes, categories, and due dates to each one. You can filter your list by category or tag and you can always rearrange the items on the list. You can organize the lists by project, you can give each task a variety of tags, and of course it's able to support wireless syncing with

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What's great is that adding items and organizing them takes just a couple of clicks and taps so that the app is fast to use, which of course encourages users to keep up with it. The user interface is bright and bold and inviting but it's rather simple.

Edit your tasks quickly
Edit your tasks quickly

Get It Done Tasks


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows users to enter tasks and items quickly
  • Add categories and tags to the items
  • Organize your lists with ease
  • The app can be used for work and personal reasons
  • Navigate the user interface with ease


  • There aren’t a lot of tools
  • The full version of the app requires a one-year subscription

Calendar view
Calendar view

Final Thoughts

The Get It Done Tasks app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may just be what you need to get yourself organized and accomplish all the items you want. While this is a very simple offering if that’s all you’re after it should do the trick.


Get It Done Tasks

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