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Walter’s Flying Bus app review: an inspirational story about a special-needs orphanage in Uganda



Walter’s Flying Bus is an iPhone and iPad digital children’s book that features the real-life art and dreams of Walter and his friends who reside in a special needs orphanage in Uganda.

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Walter's Flying Bus


Read and Learn

Walter’s Flying Bus features the real-life art and dreams of Walter and his friends. They all live together in a special needs orphanage in Uganda. Walter lives there without family because he was badly burned as a young boy, but despite his difficult life, he seeks adventure and dreams of being a bus driver someday.

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In this well-written and -designed app, Walter finds an abandoned bus and with his friends they start to fix up the bus. When it comes to life the children realize their dreams are not only inspirational, but also have the power to carry them to what they desire the most: families that will love them forever.


Walter’s Flying Bus has an inspirational message for any child who has had a rough go of it. Children with special needs of any kind will get a great message of support and encouragement through this great book. Additionally, if you speak a language other than English, then you can view it in Spanish or Luganda, which is the primary language of Uganda.

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I also love that there is a great musical score to accompany the story. The autoplay feature really helps kids keep up to the correct page as they’re reading along too. If you love the story, you’ll love the short documentaries that are included in the app as well. You will require a wi-fi connection or data though to do so. I love how this app recognizes and celebrates each child’s beauty and dignity regardless of their scars, disability, or any other variation from normalcy.

Walter's Flying Bus


Pros & Cons


  • One hundred percent of the after-tax profits go to help orphans with special needs
  • Features the primary language of Uganda
  • Great narration, as well as multiple language options
  • Interactive options


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Walter’s Flying Bus is an excellently created iPhone and iPad book featuring children with special needs who live in an orphanage in Uganda. The story features children who find a bus that takes them on a fantastical journey after they fix it up. Kids can learn acceptance, watch kids persevere, and succeed. There is a great fully scored musical selection throughout the narrated story, and even mini-documentaries of the real-life children who are featured in the story. I really enjoyed reading this book and checking out the flow of the story. Overall, it’s a great app with an amazing message that is inspirational to anyone, and everyone.


Walter's Flying Bus

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