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iSitter app review: the ideal WiFi/Bluetooth baby monitor tool-2020



Keeping track of your kids’ behaviors and movements can be stressful especially when trying to carry out other activities at the same time. The iSitter app is a smart baby monitor app developed by Dorada App Software Ltd to help parents and guardians monitor their kids more efficiently.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for baby monitoring

You can also download and install it on your iPad and iPhone devices and use it as a WiFi baby mopnitor if you choose. It requires 2 iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) for monitoring. One device will be the 'Baby' side and one will be the 'Parent' side.

The iSitter baby monitor app comes in various languages and has been well received by parents since it was released on iOS. Check out our iSitter app review for more details. 

iSitter Baby Monitor


Discover a New Way of Monitoring Your Kid

iSitter is no doubt one of the best baby monitoring mobile applications in the world today. The developers have incorporated some built-in features that automatically take camera images of the child and send them to the parent in real time. It also has an audio that records any sounds that the child makes and notifies the parents or guardians by transmitting it to them.

Best iphone and ipad apps

No need to worry that the child will disconnect it as he or she plays in his cottage, the app is programmed to produce a very audible alarm sound on the parents’ side immediately it is disconnected. Hence, you can count on it to help you remotely monitor your child 247.

It is also important to appreciate the intuitive interface that the application offers to users. The installation process is a breeze as it comes ready to start working immediately. Since it is compatible with iPhone and iPad operating system, you do not have to change any settings.  

Discover a New Way of Monitoring Your Kid image

Best Features of iSitter iTunes Application

iSitter is a modern app whose features and capabilities are hard to find in any other similar application. One of the major highlights is its ability to send the images and sound via a Bluetooth connection or Wifi Internet connection. This means that you do not have to rewire your house or tamper with the wall decorations.

To ensure that the clarity of sound is high, the developers use DSP technology in the programming process. Most kids are afraid to sleep in pitch-dark rooms. In response to this, it is possible to use the remote device flash as a night light instead of keeping the main bulb on for the whole night.

There is also a shared audio session feature that you can activate to use other audio applications either on the parent or baby devices. The only requirement to benefit from this feature is that the other apps should be able to support shared audio. 

iSitter baby monitor also has the white noise generator feature on the Baby end. This wifi baby monitor with default settings will work for 99% of parents.

Best Features of iSitter iTunes Application image

iSitter Baby Monitor


Pros and Cons


  • Sends high-quality images and audio to parents in real time
  • Very easy to use
  • Can send the files through Bluetooth hence no need to keep both devices connected to the Internet
  • Ability to use remote device flash as night light
  • Ads free unless you are using the free vision


  • You need to get the premium version if you do not want to get ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

iSitter is an reliable iTunes app that you can use to remotely monitor your child even during wee hours of the night. You can begin by trying out the free version to get a clear perspective of how it works before downloading the premium version. 

iSitter Baby Monitor

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