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Speed Reading IQ 2.0 app review: learn to quickly read booksread books quickly 2021



Speed Reading IQ 2.0 - read books quickly and train memory - ebook epub reader is an iPhone and iPad books app that will help you improve your reading and train your memory to recall the information you have read more completely.

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This is a pretty cool reading app that many users claim is one of the best iPhone apps for books and reading. Let's dive deeper into its features through our Speed Reading app review. 

Speed Reading IQ - read books - ebook epub reader


Read Your Way to Success

Speed Reading IQ 2.0 is a great app to help you improve your reading speed through more than 20 exercises that will help you develop not only your speed, but also your retention.

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I have a reading disability that makes it difficult to retain read information, so I was interested in what this app could offer me. There are 13 languages to choose from, and then you can start reading your favorite books and remembering what happened in them.

The languages supported are English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, and German, so if you speak one of these languages, then you’re set to start training!

Read Your Way to Success image

20 Exercises

Speed Reading IQ 2.0 has 20 exercises for you to use to practice your reading. Exercises like speed number, search text, pick odd&even, difference words, ebook reader rhythm, memory number, difference numbers, ebook reader columns, speed word, pick nouns&verbs and search symbol.

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More exercises include speed words, memory word, search letter, puzzle word, search word, search nouns&verbs, search number, ebook reader speed, ebook reader circle, ebook reader tree, ebook reader line, training dynamics, ebook reader half, training movement, statistics, language, books, settings, and game center standing.

If you are a competitive person, then you can compete with your Game Center friends to see how your results improve. Not only will your reading skills improve, but you will be able to see your standing rise as well.

For myself, I am always reading trying to keep my skills sharp and improve my recall. I have short-term memory issues as well, so this is a big challenge for me.

This app claims to be able to help by as much as 150 percent in two weeks though, so if you dedicate the time to doing the exercises, then you will see results!

20 Exercises image

Speed Reading IQ - read books - ebook epub reader


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • 20 exercises to help you develop your reading skills and memory recall
  • 13 languages to back you up


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Speed Reading IQ 2.0 - read books quickly and train memory - ebook epub reader is an iPhone and iPad reading improvement app that will enable you to expand your reading ability and memory recall.

Increase your reading speed by doing the exercises daily, and keep on learning by being able to read the material you want to more quickly and digesting the material more completely with better recall than you were previously able to accomplish.

Overall, this is a well-designed app, but some screens are hard to read. I really enjoyed testing the app and can see how it may help many people. I’ll be keeping this one on my list or recommendations.

Speed Reading IQ - read books - ebook epub reader

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