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TruLink Hearing Control app review: the ultimate solution to hearing loss



Thousands of people suffer from impaired hearing as a result of various health conditions. Prolonged exposure to high volumes of sound is also known to cause this problem. Starkey Laboratories has come up with an app called TruLink Heating Control app that is tailored to help people with this problem to improve their hearing capabilities. The default languages at the moment include English, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, French, German, and Hungarian.

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TruLink Hearing Control


The Ultimate Hearing Aid

TruLink hearing control is an incredible app designed to work perfectly in both iPad and iPhone devices. One of the major highlights that give this app an upper hand is the carefree communication that gives users a chance to communicate with their iPhone or iPad devices.

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Unlike other conventional apps available, this one has the ability to deliver top-notch sound at all times. Music helps to soothe the brain and help us relax after a long day. The developer understands this fact and would not want people suffering from hearing loss to never listen to their favorite tunes ever again. As a result, there are built-in features that allow them to enjoy pristine audio streaming of any media and music file that they play on their devices.

To make it even more convenient, it is possible to personalize the entire app as well as geo-tag memories to resonate with what you do and places that you frequently visit. This means that you do not have to be limited by the developer’s settings. You can also change the memories using the geo-tags. For instance, it can initiate restaurant memories every time to walk into a restaurant in your locality.

The Ultimate Hearing Aid image

Best Features

One of the superior capabilities of this app is its ability to adapt to various environments automatically. You will also get to enjoy the convenient of being able to record and play back audio as well as email live sound voices.

The developers have also gone a step further to incorporate features that allows users to read email and text messages using the same hearing aid. No prior experience is required, as you just have to check the app features and click on the right icon.

It is possible to lose your hearing aid while at home or in your office. To solve this hurdle, the app has special feature that you can use to find the lost aid in minutes without seeking assistance from anyone. It uses the latest GPS technology to track the aid. 

Best Features    image

TruLink Hearing Control


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to adjust the hearing aid volume and memories using your iPhone or iPad
  • Locate a lost aid using GPS technology
  • Available in a wide array of default languages
  • Adapts automatically to various environments
  • Can be personalized using geo-tag memories and change of settings
  • Audio volume can be adjusted to suit your ability


  • Continued use of GPS significantly decrease battery life

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

TruLink Hearing Control is the ultimate hearing loss in the world today. It has numerous features and capabilities that will make your life more comfortable. 

TruLink Hearing Control

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