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Find Near Me for iPhone app review: the handy locator that finds places of interest for you



Find Near Me for iPhone is a free application that helps you find the nearest restaurants, banks, ATMs, hotels, hospitals, gas stations, and other places of interest. The app uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS to find practically any place near you. It is a very useful app for travelers and tourists. Developed by XLabs Technologies, this is optimized for iPhone 5 but also works well with iPad and iPod touch. For more great taxi apps, check out our list of the Best taxi apps for the iPhone

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Find Near Me for iPhone- Places Nearby & Around Me


Find Near Me Works like a Virtual Tour Guide

Are you having trouble finding important places of interest whenever you travel to a new city? Maybe you want to find the best restaurants and hotels so you can have a good time during your stay.

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By using Find Near Me for iPhone, anything you want to find can be easily located. The app serves as your personal tour guide that works for you anytime of the day.

Find Near Me for iPhone uses GPS to track your current location. It has a list of important location keywords organized in alphabetical order from ATMs to the Zoo.

If you want to find a nearby bank, simply tap the ‘bank’ category and the app will render a map that shows the banks near and around you. Tap a particular bank to get detailed instructions how to get there including driving directions and route maps. The app also displays addresses, contact information, and photos if available.

You may also load Google’s Street View from within the app to get a realistic view of the places you want to visit. This application allows you to search other locations as well, and save them for your future travels.

Features of Find Near Me for iPhone

This app offers a simplified workflow and layout with an easy to use interface. Everything you need can be accessed from the main menu. Any location is just two to three taps away.

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The app uses GPS to track your location and Google Map APIs to display places of interest. Google Street View is also available if you want to get a more panoramic and realistic view of your destinations.  

Find Near Me provides everything you need to know about a specific place including driving instructions, routes, distances, contact information, and photos. It allows you to save your favorite locations for future use.

One of the best features of this app is its customizable search tool. Apart from the built-in location keywords, you can also add more locations to further deepen your search. And if you’re still in the planning stage of your travel, you can customize the app to display the maps of your target cities. 

Find Near Me for iPhone- Places Nearby & Around Me


Pros and Cons


  • Offers accurate location map of places near you
  • GPS tracking.
  • Uses Google Maps and Street View
  • Offers important information for any place you select
  • Allows you to save locations
  • Allows custom search
  • Easy to use


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Find Near Me for iPhone is a traveler’s perfect companion. The app can find any place of interest near you. It is a highly recommended app for everyone who loves to travel.

Find Near Me for iPhone- Places Nearby & Around Me

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