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Monkey Likes Banana! app review: help the monkey reach his bananas



We all know how much monkeys love their bananas so imagine if those said bananas were hidden away from the poor little monkey. That's exactly the case with the Monkey Likes Banana! app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone where you will be helping an adorable little monkey make its way across the jungle to reach its bananas. The problem with the bananas being located on the other side of the jungle is that in order to reach them you'll need to make it past all kinds of challenging obstacles.

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Monkey Likes Banana!


Make Your Way Across the Jungle

The goal in the Monkey Likes Banana! app is really simple, this little monkey loves bananas and wants to enjoy them however they are located all the way across on the other side of the jungle. Your help is needed in order for the monkey to make it there successfully and make it past all the challenging obstacles along the way. Now this poor little monkey is very hungry as you know but he's also extremely tired so it's really all up to you. The app uses puzzle style gaming so if you’re a fan of this category this app is a fun and cute offering.

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The game is free to download and play and has recently been updated with a few minor bug fixes. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating but customer ratings are nothing short of glowing. It seems players love how engaging, addictive, and fun this one is to play.

The graphics are bright and vivid
The graphics are bright and vivid

Work Through the Puzzle

The Monkey Likes Banana! app will require you to work your way through these physics-based puzzles that are definitely mind teasers. There seems to be no end to the challenges and they vary in difficulty just to be sure you never get too comfortable. The controls are very simple and intuitive, there are 20 levels to work your way through, and the graphics are clean and really quite cute. The graphics feature plenty of bright and vivid colors and objects also making it ideal for the kids to play. Each of the puzzles manages to come across as unique and manage to grab your attention immediately.

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While this streamlined offering may not be filled with all kinds of bells and whistles what it does offer is really well-done. There’s just something about puzzles that keep you coming back for more as you get more and more determined to beat the game.

Enjoy the 20 levels of puzzles and challenges
Enjoy the 20 levels of puzzles and challenges

Monkey Likes Banana!


Pros and Cons


  • The app features 20 levels worth of puzzle challenges
  • The controls are simple and very easy to pick up on
  • The graphics are clean, vivid, and fun
  • The levels vary in difficulty level to keep you on your toes


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

The Monkey Likes Banana! app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is the perfect casual game that can also spill over and become your go-to game. This one is addictive, modern, and highly challenging.


Monkey Likes Banana!

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