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American Taxi Dispatch app review: offering a modern way to order a taxi anywhere in Chicago



When you are in Chicago and you need a taxi to go to any airport in the city or any suburban area, American Taxi Dispatch is the right app for you. This application serves the greater Chicago area including trips to Milwaukee. It makes taxi ordering much easier because you can order a ride right from your mobile device. Developed for the American Taxi Dispatch Inc, the app is compatible with your iPhone and iPad. 

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American Taxi Dispatch


The Easy Way to Get a Taxi in Chicago

Taxi apps for mobile devices are becoming more common these days as people look for easier ways to get a cab. These apps offer greater convenience for the riding public due to their portability and proven reliability.

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The American Taxi Dispatch is one of those apps that make people’s lives a little bit better. This app takes the burden of taxi ordering from you. With its easy to use ordering system, you will be able to get a cab anywhere in Chicago anytime you want. The app works for residents of Chicago who want a ride to any suburban area. You can also use it for airport pickup or for any downtown trip.

Like most apps in this category, American Taxi Dispatch has the tools for automating taxi ordering. It allows you to set all the conditions of the ride including the time of pickup, agreed locations, and the type of vehicle you want. You can even calculate the estimated fare for the trip so you can prepare your budget. 

Features of American Taxi Dispatch

American Taxi Dispatch uses GPS tracking to verify your current location. This eliminates confusion and makes the pickup agreement as trouble-free as possible.

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The app allows you to order a cab immediately or at a later time. You are in control of your schedules and you get the assurance that you will have a ride when you need it. And in cases when you need to cancel or change an order, American Taxi Dispatch allows you to do this easily.

This app offers an easy-to-use ordering system. Simply navigate to the Taxi Now or Taxi Later section of the app to place your order. You can input all the details of your trip including pickup locations, destinations, time of pickup, and your preferred type of vehicle. Tap the Submit button and you are done.

And to make things a lot simpler for you, the application allows you to save your commonly used locations so you can enjoy one-touch ordering for your next rides. 

American Taxi Dispatch


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy-to-use ordering system
  • Allows immediate pickup or later pickup
  • Uses GPS for location tracking
  • Airport locations are provided
  • Allows you to save favorite locations
  • With options to cancel or change your order
  • Convenient fare calculator


  • Does not have an option to contact driver

Final Thoughts

If you need a ride in the greater Chicago area, then American Taxi Dispatch is the right app for you. This is a convenient application that makes taxi ordering a breeze. 

American Taxi Dispatch

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