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Common Core Math for Teachers app review: a cutting-edge app that improves the math skills of students 2021



Common Core Math for Teachers is a unique teachers app for math. It is the only program in the App Store that has been designed by teachers for the benefit of fellow teachers.

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The teachers app for math is a virtual math lesson platform that can be used in a classroom setting. It helps students appreciate math by delivering common core problems that encourage in-depth learning.

Developed by Front Row Education, many users have touted this app in their common core app review in the App Store. Let's see if this app stacks up to those praises as we examine it further through out Math app for teachers app review. 

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Strengthening the Common Core Math Skills of Students

The common core standard in math education is a clear set of concepts designed to improve the skills of students. It focuses on a highly structured method of delivering math lessons to sharpen the learning skills of students so that they can solve real world math problems.

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This is the principle behind Common Core Math for Teachers. As a learning platform for common core math, the app ensures that both teachers and students can benefit from its highly organized lessons. Designed by professional teachers and math experts, this application offers a unique approach to learning complex mathematical skills.

Common Core Math works as a teaching tool with advanced management features. It allows teachers to monitor the progress of any student through an intuitive dashboard system. The app uses adaptive learning algorithm to help students learn math based on their problem solving abilities. 

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The Best Features of Common Core Math for Teachers

Common Core Math offers more than 28,000 math questions and problems that are aligned with the common core concepts. It offers structured lessons that consider the overall math skills of a student. The app can detect the current problem solving ability of students and uses adaptive technology to enhance the learning process.

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There are more than 1,250 video lessons in the app that complement the common core problems. The videos are specifically designed to make math problems easier to solve. The videos help students build their problem solving skills using real world examples and scenarios.

As a teaching tool, the application allows teachers to give diagnostic tests to determine the current skill level of a student. Based on the test results, the app produces the appropriate learning modalities for the student.

This app uses an adaptive engine to develop the math skills of students in a step by step fashion. It detects problematic areas of learning and provides a focus for the learner.

One of the best features of Common Core Math for Teachers is the powerful management dashboard. The dashboard allows teachers to monitor the full development of any student. It shows quantifiable metrics that help teachers assess skills development.

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Pros and Cons


  • More than 28,000 common core problems and lessons
  • More than 1,250 videos to help students
  • Uses adaptive learning technology
  • Allows student collaboration
  • Offers real world math problems
  • Powerful teacher dashboard for student monitoring
  • Impressive interface with professional layout
  • Free to download


  • No negative review

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an effective teaching tool that could help students sharpen their math skills, then Common Core Math for Teachers is best for you. This is a powerful app for teachers with lots of advanced features and thousands of instructional videos. It is a highly recommended app for all math teachers.

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