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Pipuzz app review: a puzzle game of logic



It's time to put those skills of logic and thinking to good use in this puzzle game. The Pipuzz app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone features an endless amount of puzzles that you can work your way through. This app is very easy to understand and pick up on and the puzzles themselves vary in difficulty always giving you something fresh to enjoy. It’s for these reasons that you’ll find this casual game to often be more than just a casual game because you won’t want to put it down.

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It's All About Logic

The Pipuzz app is all about logic as you work your way through the various puzzles. The way it works is that there are a few basic pipe shapes that the game uses and an algorithm is applied in order to create an endless source of puzzles. This means you’ve got hours’ worth of fun ahead of you and the experience is always fresh and new. Your goal in this game is to make use of all the pipes that have been given to you and then build an aqueduct. The aqueduct needs to be complete and work properly, allowing the water to flow from the start to the end.

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This brand-new release requires iOS 8.1 or later to use and doesn't yet have any updates, customer comments, or a customer rating. This one can be played by all ages so everyone can enjoy it and work their way through the challenge.

Place the pipes correctly in order to form an aqueduct
Place the pipes correctly in order to form an aqueduct

Gaming Features

Players can look forward to a smooth and streamlined gaming experience when it comes to the Pipuzz app. The game uses an adaptive design so that no matter what the screen size is on your device you'll be able to enjoy the same smooth experience. All the rules can be found right on the screen so you're never at a loss and when the pipes appear red this means you've made a mistake.

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As far as settings go you can begin the game with some of the pipes already in place, you can adjust the difficulty level by choosing the amount of pipes in the game, or you can tap on the "Solution" button if you find yourself stuck on a puzzle. The screen itself is clean and uncluttered and if you want to re-do your game just go ahead and tap on "Play Again."

Pipes appear in red when they are incorrect
Pipes appear in red when they are incorrect



Pros and Cons


  • The app provides players with hours’ worth of puzzles
  • The app uses its own secrete algorithm to put puzzles together
  • You can adjust the difficulty setting
  • The pipes appear in red if they are wrong
  • This one can be played by all ages


  • There aren’t any added features or tools

Final Words

The Pipuzz app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with an opportunity to start using logic in challenging and fun ways as you solve an endless amount of puzzles. The user interface is smooth and simple giving users a positive experience.



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