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Crossword Free :-) app review: put your vocabulary to the test



If you're the type who enjoys a good crossword puzzle here and there then there's no need to wait for the Sunday paper to fill one out. The Crossword Free :-) app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible to launch the app and enjoy a puzzle whenever the mood strikes. With this app boredom is a thing of the past as there's always a free weekly puzzle to enjoy and some fun little added features.

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Crossword Free :-)


Challenge Yourself with a Word Puzzle

When it comes to word challenges, crossword puzzles are one of the toughest and most addictive ones out there. The Crossword Free :-) app gives you the ability to enjoy a puzzle wherever you go and really stick with it and complete the puzzle. There are hundreds of puzzles offered through the app and each week you can look forward to a free puzzle. Go ahead and enjoy the gameplay in portrait or landscape mode and if you want you can hide the keyboard so that you can focus on the gameboard completely. As you write in your answers you can make them appear in pencil or pen.

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The app is free to download and play and you are welcome to unlock as many puzzles as you want through in-app purchases. These are available in a package for $2.99. The app was just updated with minor improvements and overall updates. Customers have given the app four out of five stars with players calling it fun.

Fill in the puzzles in pencil or pen and prepare for the challenge
Fill in the puzzles in pencil or pen and prepare for the challenge

Features and Tools

The Crossword Free :-) app is more than just puzzles there are a number of fun features built in as well. Go ahead and make use of the one-click toggle feature that allows you to switch between the down and across clues; any mistakes you make appear in red; you can jump ahead to the next clue without having to finish the word; and you can sometimes skip the squares you haven't filled out. In order to view the puzzle board, feel free to zoom in and out. When you find yourself stuck you can make use of the hints but you're playing to get the highest score possible so keep that in mind. Players can also play in three different languages, which are Spanish, German, and English.

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This is a very smooth and user-friendly option that makes crossword puzzles all the more attainable.

Move through the clues with ease
Move through the clues with ease

Crossword Free :-)


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers hundreds of puzzles to play
  • Get hints when needed
  • Fill out the puzzles in “pencil” or “pen”
  • Mistakes are highlighted in red
  • You can play the game in portrait or landscape mode
  • There is a free puzzle each week


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Words

The Crossword Free :-) app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone features a quick and easy way to have instant access to hundreds of puzzles that will keep you entertained and challenged.

Crossword Free :-)

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