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App Icons app review: customize your device



Sure you can customize your wallpaper and screensaver on your mobile device but what about the various app icons? The App Icons app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users the ability to personalize all their app icons but here's the great part: you can do so without having to jailbreak your device. For those uncomfortable with the idea of jailbreaking their device this is the perfect and rather user-friendly solution to their problem. You'll be able to have your shortcuts match your wallpaper and create the ultimate look.

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App Icons - Custom Shortcuts, Themes & Wallpapers


No Need to Jailbreak Your Device

If you’ve been wanting to step things up where customization goes here’s a way to personalize your app icons without having to worry about jail-breaking your device. The App Icons app will give users the ability to match up their app icons to their wallpapers for a truly unique and personal look. Go ahead and add in personalized shortcuts that are never boring or ordinary looking. The app is filled with pre-loaded themes that you can apply to your home screen in such subjects as natures, cartoons, black and white, cakes, and plenty more. To give you that added source of creativity you can also mix and match themes with ease.

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This entertainment app has just been updated so it supports a variety of languages, there is now a search option, the app now supports iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the Icon Maker screen will save the icons you have created. The app currently has three out of five stars from users who seem mixed on it. Some users find there isn't enough control when it comes to creating and mixing themes/icons. The app is now compatible with iOS 8 and if you're interested in it you'll want to act quickly as it is being offered for 50% off for a limited time only.

The app comes pre-loaded with a variety of themes
The app comes pre-loaded with a variety of themes

Examining the Features

Here's a chance to look at the features included in the App Icons offering such as the ability to create your custom shortcuts for all your contacts that will appear on your Home Screen, making your life really easy when you want to contact them. Go on to make your very own decors, frames, and skins, make shortcuts to all your favorite apps and websites, and even create skins from your own photos. There is no limit on the amount of styles you can create through the app.

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Create a variety of personalized shortcuts
Create a variety of personalized shortcuts

App Icons - Custom Shortcuts, Themes & Wallpapers


Pros and Cons


  • This app allows users to create as many styles as they want
  • Customize your theme by mixing and matching
  • Create shortcuts for websites, apps, contacts, and more
  • Use your own photos as skins
  • The app is simple and quick to use


  • Users would like to see more control given to them so they can be more creative

Create your own style
Create your own style

Final Thoughts

The App Icons app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with the ability to personalize the look of their device through a variety of user-friendly features and tools.

App Icons - Custom Shortcuts, Themes & Wallpapers

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