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Gipis Running app review: lets you create the perfect training program for marathons



Gipis Running is very useful for marathon runners who are looking for a portable app that can help them plan their training. Whether you are a beginner or an expert runner, the app offers all the right tools to keep you get in shape for any upcoming marathon event. Developed by Wonders of the World, this app is perfect for your iPhone but it is also compatible with iPad.

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Running plan by Gipis coach. Run 5K, 10K, half marathon & marathon training program + RunKeeper


How Gipis Running Works

Gipis Running offers a complete training program for marathon runners. You only need to input some basic information and the app will automatically generate a marathon training plan that is specifically designed for you.

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When you first load the app, you will be prompted to input some basic data for your profile. Your personal profile must include your weight, height, body fat and muscle tone, favorite activities, and experience in running a marathon.

After completing your profile, you can now set your running goals and your target training schedules. Gipis will automatically create a custom training program for you. This training plan takes into consideration your physical make up and your overall goals.

The app will notify you of an upcoming training schedule. In the latest version, push notifications have been included to prevent you from missing a training day.

You must start the app the moment you begin your training. This enables the application to keep track of your progress in real time. The app will warn you if you are slowing down. It will also tell you to slow down when you’re running too fast.

At the end of each training day, Gipis Running will log your activity so you can track your daily progress. Simply follow the training program of the app to reach your overall goals. 

Features of Gipis Running

Gipis Running offers an easy to use interface with a nice layout. The workflow is simple, which makes it easier for you to set your training program and track your goals.

This app lets you create a profile which would be the basis of your marathon program. It allows you to personalize the training goals depending on your running experience.

Gipis Running automatically generates a suitable program for you. This is one of the best features of this app. You don’t need to spend precious hours just to make a plan. The app will give you a complete program that is perfect for your own requirements.

This app can track your progress in real time. It uses GPS technology to track your distance and running speed. You daily training is recorded in the app so you can monitor your progress anytime you want.

Running plan by Gipis coach. Run 5K, 10K, half marathon & marathon training program + RunKeeper


Pros and Cons


  • Automatically generates a training program
  • Allows you to set your goals
  • Running plans are based on your abilities
  • Uses GPS to track your progress
  • Push notifications to remind you of upcoming trainings
  • Gives a warning when you’re slowing down or running too fast
  • Easy to use with simple workflow


  • Needs multi-language support

Final Thoughts

If you want to quickly create a perfect training program for marathons, then Gipis Running is the best app for you. This app offers a complete solution to keep you in shape so you can become a competitive runner. 


Running plan by Gipis coach. Run 5K, 10K, half marathon & marathon training program + RunKeeper

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