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My Studio by MAKE UP FOR EVER app review: create the perfect look



If you ever thought about becoming a professional makeup artist then My Studio by MAKE UP FOR EVER is a great place to start. This handy little app lets you develop your budding skills as a makeup professional, and experiment with colors you might never have considered for yourself but have always thought looked good on others. This is a free app for iPad

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Start the Makeover

This is the kind of app mom and daughter can have fun with together. There are other makeover apps in the App Store, but the cool part about this one is that it allows you to practice on real models' faces, not cartoon characters. The realism is stunning, and you’ll pick up the finer points in no time with the handy tips that are provided throughout the app. What better way to spend a rainy day with your daughter than becoming a couple of professional makeup artists!

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I really liked the simple functionality of this app. There are instructions and tips but you probably won’t need them. This app is a breeze to figure out. I had my first makeover completed in a matter of a couple of minutes without any difficulties. The only real problem I had with the app was that it did crash on me a couple of times while trying to save a change I had made. I was just unceremoniously dumped out of the app; fortunately, this didn’t happen very often. You’ll need about 51.3 MB of free space on your IOS device for this one.

Start the Makeover image

How it Works

When you open up the app you’ll see a constantly changing photo collage of models: just tap on the photo stack to get started. On the next screen you’ll see photos of eighteen different models you can choose from as your makeover model. Tap on your choice and away you go! Before you get started you’re given a brief overview of how the app works with written instructions on the screen: simply tap anywhere on the screen to get started.

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The app has a lot of functionality. You can apply changes to all aspects of your models face, and see the effect of your changes almost instantly. You can apply lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, or just about anything you can think of. Your model's picture is on the left side, and on the right is your makeup kit. There are tabs for the face, lips, and eyes between the picture and your make up kit, simply tap on one of these to select the area you want to work on.

The makeup kit for each area is divided into four parts: select a product, application technique, shade selection, and desired coverage. There really are a ton of options here. When you make your changes you’ll see your models look transformed as you go. It’s pretty impressive how well it works. When you’re done, simply tap on the thumbnail picture in the corner to see the before and after. You also have the option to email the picture, although the instructions for this didn’t seem to be in English, which was a little strange considering the rest of the app was!

How it Works image



Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and simple instructions are provided as well
  • A wide selection of models to choose from
  • The final product is very realistic


  • The app had a tendency to crash on occasion
  • Instructions for emailing your models picture are not in English

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

This really is a great little app for the budding makeup artist, and for their mom as well! The ability to use real models is a nice touch that adds to the realism. It’s definitely a great app for mom and daughter on a rainy day. 


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