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Bouqs app review: find the perfect flower arrangement



Our world has become a place for instant gratification. Everything can be ordered from the comfort of our own homes and with the Bouqs app flowers are no different. This is an excellent little app for ordering the perfect bouquet for any occasion. Are you one of those people that always forget to buy your wife something on Valentine’s Day? With this app you can make sure that never happens again! Bouqs is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch.

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Order Your Bouquet

I have to admit: ordering flowers online is not something I really considered before. When you think about flowers you’re thinking about something that’s fresh and alive, not something that you can order over a long distance. The logistics of getting flowers from one end of the country to the other while keeping them fresh are mind boggling. Yet Bouqs does exactly that. They offer next-day service anywhere in the continental U.S., which is pretty impressive!

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What I really liked about this app was the ability to develop an ordering calendar for your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your wedding anniversary or your mother’s birthday because Bouqs will remind you! This is app was made for all those forgetful husbands out there. It’s also a relatively small app, requiring only 4.8 MB of space on your iOS device.

Using the App

To get started you’ll need to set up a log-in and enter your personal information. Then you can go ahead and place a one-time order right away, or you can create a reoccurring order with pre-set reminders. Do you want to send your wife flowers once a month to keep the spark of romance in the home? You don’t have to rely on your faulty memory since you can use the Bouqs app to remind you. This was probably the best feature of this app for me.

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Once you’re set up you have a few different options if you want to set up reoccurring orders. Select the concierge tab at the top right of the screen and you’ll see three different ways you can set up reoccurring orders. The first option is to have flowers delivered at regular intervals, the second is to create calendar reminders for important events, and the third is to set up random deliveries that the app creates for you to surprise your loved ones. I thought this last one was a really interesting way to stimulate the romance in your life. If you only find out about when the orders going out yourself right before it does then there’s no doubt your loved one will be pleasantly surprised.

There’s a pretty good selection of flowers to choose from to, which is obviously important. You can easily access the full database by tapping on the shop all tab at the top of the main page of the app. There’s pretty much everything you’re looking for here and the flowers come fresh from a South American volcano!



Pros and Cons


  • Order flowers from the comfort of your own home
  • Great selection, with next-day delivery offered
  • Ability to create a reoccurring order calendar


  • None

Final Words

Bouqs is a great app for ordering flowers online. They make it easy. You can place your order using the Bouqs app, and have the flowers delivered the next day without ever leaving the house. This one’s definitely worth checking out. 



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