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Vegan Lifestyle Magazine app review: ultimate source of vegetarian recipes and nutritional tips



One of the best ways of living and maintain a healthy lifestyle is by adopting a vegan diet. Vegan Lifestyle Magazine is an iOS application developed by Sandra Philpott to provide vegetarians with gold worthy information on various vegetarian recipes. It is available in a number of default languages like German, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, English, Thai, and Spanish.

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Vegan Lifestyle Mag


Get Accurate Vegetarian Nutritional Tips and Recipes

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine is a smart application that is tailored to provide iPhone and iPad users with vegetarian tips and nutritional facts to help them live a healthy and fulfilling life. The information is collected and compiled into articles by professional nutritionists who are also writers. One of the key features that make this app a must-have for vegetarians is that the details are discussed in a very clear and simple language. Hence, it is an ideal choice for new and old vegetarians.

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Unlike other similar apps, this not goes beyond just providing articles but also high quality videos that are tailored to provide you with gold worthy tips on how to prepare recipes. The developer has also incorporated a news features that sources for the latest information on a vegetarian lifestyle and provides it to you at no extra cost. Simply put, this is a digital monthly magazine that you can count on to make your life more productive and fulfilling.

Best Features

Apart from the simple and engaging tone used to convey the information in articles, the developer has worked smart to include high-quality videos. This way, if you do not love reading, you can watch the videos and still get the same information.

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There are also a number of high-definition images attached to each article or news feature that is listed in the monthly issues to give you an idea on the recipes and how to prepare them. Other information that you will get from this application include tips on personal care, gardening, pet care, travel, vegan clothing, accessories, and the list continues.

The monthly subscription is only $3.99 while the yearly subscription is $32.99. However, you can try it out by subscribing for the free trial that last for 30 days to get a clear idea on what this application provides. Note that your subscription will be automatically renewed if you fail to cancel it at least 24 hours before the current period expires.

This review would not be complete without the mention of the excellent user interface. It is very easy to scroll from one article or news feature to another, as you just have to swipe your touch screen. 

Vegan Lifestyle Mag


Pros and Cons


  • Provides detailed information on various vegetarian recipes in a very clear and concise language
  • Very affordable
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Provides additional gardening tips that you can use to take care of your home garden


  • You will need an Internet connection to get regular news updates

Final Thoughts

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine is a very user-friendly app that you can use to learn more about vegan diet and recipes. It is easy to operate and no prior experience is required.



Vegan Lifestyle Mag

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