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Open Home Pro app review: take your realtor services to the next level 2021



As a real estate agent, you need to look for new leads continuously to remain relevant and compete effectively with other professionals in this industry. Open Home Pro is an app created by to help agents achieve their set goals and objectives.

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This OpenHomePro app is compatible with iPad only. Currently, the homepro app has a default language of English. Let's see what's all offered in this Open Home Pro app.

Open Home Pro®


Take your Realtor Services to Next Level of Success

Open Home Pro is an app that every real estate agent should consider downloading. One of the benefits of using the app is that it allows one to capture, download, and action lead information faster and conveniently.

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This means that you will not have to spend hours trying to read handwritten letters from prospective clients as you will be viewing the information on your iPad device.

For instance, you will be able to type details of any property into a CRM or spreadsheet in minutes. This will definitely help you to paint a positive image to clients, boost your productivity, and close more sales.

Unlike other similar apps in the market, this one has a smart interface that is very easy to navigate. More importantly, you will be able to personalize it as per your schedule and personal preferences.

Most of the real estate agents who are currently using it can attest to the fact that it eases the process of sourcing for information from visitors as it has an intelligent sign-in process. In addition, you will be able to do a background research on a particular visitor and find out if he or she is pre-approved for a mortgage or is working with an agent. 

Take your Realtor Services to Next Level of Success image

Best Features of Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro is better than other apps available right now. One of the key highlights that place it miles ahead of its competition is that users can export all data collected from potential clients to a designated CSV file in minutes. This will save you time that would have been spent sorting the data manually or writing it down on booklets.

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Another major advantage of using this application is that one can add comments and notes as potential property buyers go around the property. By doing so, you will be able to come up with a comprehensive report regarding a particular house for future use.

It is imperative to establish a cordial working relationship with buyers. A guaranteed way of doing this is by establishing a good communication platform that you can use to send and receive information. In response to this, the developers have included a built-in feature that allows one to automatically send follow-up emails to potential clients after the open house.

Best Features of Open Home Pro image

Open Home Pro®


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to send out follow-up emails to clients
  • Can be personalized
  • Ability to gather background information about a particular client


  • There is nothing negative to say

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Open Home Pro is a must-have app for real estate agents who want to establish themselves as an authority and generate maximum commissions and sales.

Open Home Pro®

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