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Project Planning Pro app review: create project plans 2021



It is imperative for project managers to look for new project management tools like a project planning app to achieve expected results. Project Planning Pro is a cool project planner app created by i2e Consulting LLC to help managers come up with project plans while on the go.

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Let's dig deeper into this project management app to see all that it has to offer users. It might just become your go-to app for managing projects.  

Project Planning Pro


A New Way of Creating Project Plans While on the Go

Project Planning Pro is a third-generation tool that is programmed to redefine the manner in which managers come up with project plans.

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Based on the fact that most of them are always on business trips, the developer have worked smart to include certain features to enable them create plans in minutes while on the road. To do this, the app has interactive Gantt chart that allows you to update and edit tasks using simple iPad gestures.

You just need to pinch or tap the Gantt bar to change some of the details such as durations and dates.

It has four different types of task links that you can use to come up with an ideal project plan. They include finish-to-start, start-to-finish, finish-to-finish, and start-to-start. Since it is compatible with Microsoft Project Plan, you will be able to conveniently create and import project schedules and plans in seconds.

There is also a critical path view that you can use to analyze and review your plans to avoid any nasty inconveniences down the road.

A New Way of Creating Project Plans While on the Go image

Best Features

One of the best features is the ability to share the project plan as XML File, CSV file or PDF file. It all depends with your preference in the device that the recipient will use to access the plan.

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Teamwork is the key to success of any project. Project Planning Pro has the ability to help you build teams and allocate resources to various tasks.

This is also a Gantt chart app that has a special slide bar that you can click on to increase or decrease the view area. In addition, the Gantt bird’s-eye view is designed to make it seamlessly easy for you to navigate or scroll the plan up and down.

There is also a built-in filter that you can use to locate a particular task by carrying out a search based on task name, start date, resource, finish date, duration, or the percentage complete.

It is also possible to carry out cost calculations to know the expected total expenditure on resources and tasks.

To ensure that you never lose the plans, you can backup and restore them in the app’s database. More importantly, you can create plan templates and send them to your email, Box, or Dropbox account in seconds.

Best Features    image

Project Planning Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Gantt chart to help you input project details accurately
  • Ability to export the plan files to Microsoft Project as XML file
  • Ability to backup and restore plans at any time
  • Reorder tasks to help you create a perfect project plan


  • There is nothing negative to say

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Project Planning Pro is an amazing project planning app that you can count on to take your managerial skills and capabilities to the next tier of success. 

Project Planning Pro

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