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Spyglass app review: the all-in-one GPS navigation toolkit-2020



The Spyglass app is a full-featured GPS toolkit packed with impressive tools for outdoor navigation. This Spyglass iPhone app offers more high-tech features than other map applications and standard GPS in the App Store.

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This spy glass app uses augmented reality overlaid by a myriad of location data and an accurate digital compass suitable for military and civilian use.  It saves your custom places and waypoints, navigates precisely to them later, shows them on maps, measures distances, sizes, angles, and does a lot more.

Developed by Pavel Ahafonau, the app is compatible for both iPhone and iPad. Check out our spyglass app review to see if this is a worthy addition to your iDevice and take a look at our best maps apps list for more reputable options.



A Closer Look at Spyglass

Spyglass uses your device’s camera as a viewfinder. When you open this  accurate compass app app, it will use the device’s hardware sensors to calibrate positional information. A digital compass is overlaid on an augmented reality display. The compass can also be overlaid on any map to show your exact location.

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This spyglass compass application offers an impressive array of tracking features including a milspec compass, a gyro compass, real-time viewfinder, tactical GPS, a speedometer, an altimeter, and a sextant with rangefinder. It can also guide your position using the location of the moon and stars.

The app allows you to save your locations in the device for future use. You can also plot and save waypoints. So when you need to navigate through unfamiliar roads, terrain, mountain passes, rivers, and backwoods, simply load up Spyglass to find your way.

This application is specifically designed for the serious outdoors enthusiasts. It is the perfect tool for off-road adventures, hiking, mountain climbing, river exploration, and many more. You can even use it as a navigational tool when you’re flying a plane.

Although classified as a civilian GPS toolkit, the advanced features of Spyglass could help law enforcement and military units in some situations. It supports various coordinates systems including UTM, MGRS, military, and civilian.

A Closer Look at Spyglass  image

Best Features

Spyglass offers an accurate military-grade digital compass and gyrocompass. It allows you to use several compass modes with manual and auto calibration for more accurate location tracking.

This app offers different types of tracking options for you. It supports augmented reality display for real-time tracking. You can use it to track the exact position of any object in the map. It provides you with the necessary information and positional data to find your target objects or places. And the best part is that Spyglass allows you to save your data so you can use them for future navigation.

One of the best features of Spyglass is the tactical GPS tool. The spyglass app review offers real time coordinates of current locations as well as target positions. It shows current altitude measurements, speed, and course waypoints. It allows you to choose different coordinate formats from civilian to military standards.

Another great feature of this app is the rangefinder option which you can use to measure the distance between two different objects. You can also use it to estimate the distance of your target positions. 

Best Features    image



Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive navigation tools for all types of outdoor activities
  • Uses augmented reality display
  • Accurate digital compass
  • Displays both civilian and military grade coordinates
  • Uses the position of the moon and stars for auto calibration


  • The interface might confuse first-time users

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Spyglass is one of the best GPS toolkits in the App Store. It offers impressive features that are very useful for all types of outdoor activities. This is a highly recommended navigation app for all serious outdoorsmen. 


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