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Navigation Rules app review: a valuable resource for all boaters



Navigation Rules is an educational resource app that contains the Colregs regulations or the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972. The app offers the complete updated version of the Colregs. It is a valuable resource for all boatmen and maritime students. Developed by Double Dog Studios, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Navigation Rules


Bringing the Colregs at Your Fingertips

The Colregs is a collection of navigation rules published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This rule book defines the conduct of boatmen and sea vessels to prevent collisions.

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In the past, all boatmen must have a copy of the Colregs in their ships. The problem is that browsing through hundreds of pages of a rule book can be difficult. To make your job much easier, you can simply download Navigation Rules and install it in your iOS device.

Navigation Rules contains the updated version of the Colregs. It is a complete educational resource app which you can use anytime even if you are out in the sea.

With Navigation Rules, you don’t have to bring a bulky rule book anymore. All the regulations defined by the IMO are available in the app. The app also contains the inland navigation rules for all inland waters including the Great Lakes.

Navigation Rules is easy to use with an annotated table of content to guide the users. When you open the app, the home screen will display the table of contents and other options including the favorite button, search tool, and history (most used and recently used).

You can read the whole rule book in the library section. Simply tap the international rules button to start reading. You may also use the search tool of the app to find specific Colregs rules.

Features of Navigation Rules

Navigation Rules offers a complete and updated version of the Colregs 1972. It contains all the rules and regulations defined by the International Maritime Organization.

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The app offers an annotated table of contents for ease of access. The annotation describes each section of the book to guide the users. This app displays the rules in easy to read texts with illustrations for some sections.

Navigation Rules allows you to search specific rules through its built-in search tool. Simply type a keyword or a general subject area and the app will display relevant results for you.

For quick access, the app saves your reading history. It displays your recently read rules in the Recent section. You can bookmark any rule in the guide book and the app will save it in the favorite folder. You can open this folder to access your favorite sections.

Apart from the Colregs international regulations, Navigation Rules also includes the standard regulations for inland vessels. It has a complete copy of the Inland Navigation Rules governing all inland boats.

Navigation Rules


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Clear texts and illustrations
  • Updated version of Colregs
  • Search tool and favorite section for quick access
  • Covers inland navigation rules


  • No multi-language support

Final Thoughts

All boatmen are required to follow international regulations as defined in the Colregs. With Navigation Rules app, you will enjoy easy access to these regulations. The app is recommended for all boatmen, ship captains, and inland water navigators.

Navigation Rules

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